Busy at work … plus some very special visitors

What an exciting day it has been! This morning we went to K&K Coffee Restaurant for a meeting with the Oktoberfest team a taste test, thanks to Wolfgang. Be sure to watch ‘The Great South East’ on Sunday at 5:30pm on Channel 7.
But that’s not all… guess who joined us for lunch? Herr Bear and Frӓulein Bear!!
the Oktoberfest Team hard at work with Wolfgang from K & K .. and some special friends

the Oktoberfest Team hard at work with Wolfgang from K & K .. and some special friends

The happy couple arrived in Brisbane about a week ago and have been enjoying the sunshine, as they’ve been out and about exploring Brisbane.
However they just couldn’t decide WHAT to try first for lunch – the Leberkäse & Spätzle? or Jägerschnitzel? or Wolfgang’s special club sandwich? So we sampled them while they were busy deciding …

Herr Bear and Fräulein Bear enjoy lunch

Follow their adventures as they prepare for their big day at the Brisbane Oktoberfest on their own blogsite
We hope you’re enjoying your break and bis bald!

Soaking up the city sights

South Bank 

I don’t know who’s idea it was to put a beach in the middle of the city, but whoever that was, was a genius! 

South Bank - Streets Beach

There were so many people at Streets Beach that day, we were lucky to find a patch of sand to have our picnic by the water.

So many kids were screaming and running around, poor Fräulein Bear’s Dirndl got splashed on so many times.

“I knew I should have worn my bathing suit…” She said.

Should have – I thought. But then again, after the way we’ve been eating on our trip around the world, there’s no way this bear was taking his Lederhosen off.

After getting our paws wet, we head out to see what else we could find along the Brisbane River…

Clem Jones Promenade

Clem Jones Promenade - stealing a kiss

Clem Jones Promenade, South Bank – You might see us here for Riverfire this Saturday (28 September)

City Botanic Gardens

City Botanic Gardens

City Botanic Gardens

Goodwill Bridge

Goodwill Bridge

Goodwill Bridge

Brisbane Festival - Pink bunny

Pink bunny, South Bank –  they’re everywhere!

Brisbane Festival Graffiti

Brisbane Festival Graffiti, South Bank

South Bank - Wheel of Brisbane

Wheel of Brisbane, South Bank

View of South Bank - Victoria Bridge

Such a beautiful view of South Bank at night time.

Brisbane has definitely exceeded our expectations! I wonder what other adventures we will get into…  Guten Nacht und bis bald ♥

O’zapft is!

This past Saturday saw the official opening of the Munich Oktoberfest 2013.
At 6 seconds to 12pm, the major, Christian Ude, performed the official tapping of the keg and shouted the words “O’zapft is!”
You can watch a video of this at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u3Qj82ROWPs

Don’t miss a second of the 2013 Munich Oktoberfest, by watching the live webcam, which sweeps across the Theresienwiese from the top of the Hofbräu tent.

We’ve also uploaded the next quiz for you to get started on, so be sure to check that out under the ‘Quizzes’ tab!

Have a fabulous Ferienwoche! 🙂

Endlich Ferien!

It’s been a long term, but the holidays have finally arrived and what better time to be working on your song lyrics and poster competition entries than now?

Don’t forget to check out http://www.leichhardtland.net.au/ for information and inspiration for your posters. Also remember to ensure that your submissions follow the competition rules!!

If you are struggling with the song lyrics, our Oktoberfest Brisbane website is sure to give you some great ideas! https://oktoberfestbrisbane.com.au/

There are some divine sweet prizes to win, thanks to Bianca at The Organic Cotton Candy Company, so make sure you don’t miss out!

Wir wünschen euch allen tolle Ferien und bis bald!


Guten Tag Brisbane!

We can’t believe it – we’re finally here! The weather is Wunderbar and sunny, no wonder why our family here is in love with Brisbane.

They were going to take us sight seeing, but they were really busy organising things for your Oktoberfest here. We’ve never been to an Oktoberfest outside of Munich, so I’m excited to see how you Aussies celebrate!

Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to get some sleep on the flight from LA, so we needed a quick ‘teddy-nap’ before starting to explore.

After a wonderful rest we were ready for action! (Thank goodness for our ooo-so-cosy beds – Neil, the manager and our new BFF, even had to CARRY us up to our rooms as we were so tired .. but more about him and his hotel later)

First stop, Art Gallery. You might have picked up on this already, but I love going to libraries, art galleries and museums. Herr Bear isn’t really into it, he’s more the adventure type and trying the local food and of course, bier.

Art Gallery

Art Gallery

Here are some of our photos from the first day…

State Library of Queensland

State Library of Queensland

State Library of Queensland – reading a classic, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

State Library of Queensland, Queensland Terrace

State Library of Queensland, Queensland Terrace - Tea & Me display

State Library of Queensland, Queensland Terrace – Tea & Me display

Cultural Centre

Somewhere between the Art Gallery and Cultural Centre bus station – hopefully we can come back to this place to watch the fireworks for Riverfire that everyone keeps telling us about.

Here’s our new ‘home away from home’ – Watermark Hotel Brisbane – our beautiful room with a view

Watermark Hotel

Watermark Hotel - Our room

Time for us teddies to go to bed. We can’t wait to see what else Brisbane has to offer… Guten Nacht und bis bald ♥

Raop music and special guests!!

How time flies! We’re already up to Quiz 3 and this week’s topic is all about music.

Don’t know who Cro is? He is the king of raop – a combination of rap and pop music!
If you’ve never listened to his music, below is a link to one of his most popular songs – we haven’t been able to stop listening to it!



Finally, if you haven’t heard about our two special guests this year at the Brisbane Oktoberfest and the Oktoberfest for Teens, make sure to check out the blog on the link below and follow their travels as they make their way to our fantastic event!!


Have a fantastic Wednesday! 🙂



California.. here we come!


Fräulein Bear was really excited to go celebrity hunting. But after hours with no luck, we hit the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Keen to take photos with her favourite actors’ stars, she was a bit disappointed when she couldn’t find them..

“How can they call it ‘Walk of Fame’ when Til Schweiger and Moritz Bleibtreu aren’t even here? I found Arnold Schwarzenegger, but he’s Austrian!” She said.

Hollywood Walk of Fame

After exploring Hollywood Boulevard, we went to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA). I’m not really an art person, but the antique street lamps (Urban Light) were pretty impressive lit up at night. It was nice walking around there, holding paws with Fräulein Bear.

“This is kind of romantic,” She said, resting her head on my shoulder.

I didn’t tell her, but I thought it was romantic too..

San Francisco

I loved San Fran’s cable cars. Still hand operated, they’re pretty old school, but it was like travelling back in time. Really different to riding on the ICE rapid rail back home, zipping along at 300km/h. We sat on the outside of the cable car, which was scary at first – we’re not that big and I thought we were going to fall off. Fräulein Bear dug her paws into me the entire time!

“Next time Herr Bear, we are walking!” She said.

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

Next stop was the Golden Gate Bridge. Fräulein Bear told me we could climb it after seeing it done on an episode of The Bachelor. But one of the workers informed us she had watched the same episode too, but that they had climbed the Bay Bridge. How she got a red bridge and a grey bridge mixed up, I don’t know – trust her to get confused.

Thankfully, our relatives in Brisbane have offered to take us on the Story Bridge next week when we arrive. Less than one week away, we can’t wait to go to Australia!

Watch out for us Brisbane, Travelling Teddies are coming to you.. Auf Wiedersehen ♥

Jugendfreizeit – from surfing to snowboarding!

We hope you’ve all had a wonderful start to the week.

The second quiz is now ready for you to download under the ‘quizzes’ tab and is all about free time!

What do German teenagers like to do in their free time? Do they do similar things to Australian teenagers or do they spend their free time learning how to make Brezeln and Lebkuchen?

Don’t forget to check out http://www.germany.travel/youth/map/germany for the ‘What’s Hot?’ question. There are some fantastic ‘must sees’ in Munich, but only one place to go surfing!

Das war’s für heute! Have a fabulous week and always remember to…


Hello Hong Kong

London and Dublin were amazing cities to explore, but now our journey takes us to a very different corner of the world.. Willkommen (welcome) to Hong Kong!

Herr Bear and I love trying different breakfasts overseas and we had our very first Yum Cha in Hong Kong.

Our favourite dish was barbecue pork buns which the locals called char siu bao.

With tasty sweet and savoury meat wrapped in a light and fluffy steamed bun, it practically melted in our mouths – definitely a world away from our pork knuckles back home.

After breakfast, we explored the area on foot where we found a near-century-old Clock Tower, once part of the Kowloon-Canton Railway terminus.

Clock Tower in Kowloon, Hong Kong

Coming across another timeless piece in Hong Kong history, we climbed aboard the Star Ferry.

It was a beautiful way to explore, adored by locals and tourists alike, offering stunning views of Victoria Harbour. 

Another first time experience for us was trying pantyhose milk tea! After returning to Kowloon, we took a break at a little tea restaurant, also known as cha chaan teng, where they strain the tea through what looked like a long stocking (which I guess it gets its name from) and sweeten it with condensed milk.

The end result was a really smooth and richer flavour tea. I only wish I had some homemade Lebkuchen (gingerbread) to go with it. 

IFC Mall in Hong Kong

We were so excited about seeing the Symphony of Lights, we reserved our seats overlooking IFC Mall on Hong Kong Island. And it was spectacular!

Every building had a part to play using brightly coloured lights, search lights, and even laser beams, all synchronised with the music. 

Hong Kong has given Herr Bear and I some weird and wonderful experiences and we can’t wait to see what California has in store for us.

Look out for travelling teddies in the US… Auf Wiedersehen 🙂

It’s started … Quizzes, Poster Competition .. and a fascinating new website

The starting gun has fired on the 6-week lead-up to Oktoberfest for Teens … and what a BANG it’s making!

Not only do we have our first week’s quiz ready for you download and start, AND the posts competition details .. but we’d like to be the very first to tell you about a fabulous new website about a famous German explorer who was born 200 years ago. WHO?

Yes, Ludwig Leichhardt!

www.leichhardtland.net.au is not only a visually very beautiful website  .. the rolling landscape views will make you want to linger and not click any further … but it is an amazing source of information, activities and a fascinating insight into the man and the land he explored.

We’re very excited about this website and it also plays a crucial role in our quizzes and poster competition.

Quiz Time!

Go to the ‘Quiz’ Tab and you will find the first week’s quiz ready for you to download and test your knowledge.

It’s also available on our webpage. Registered schools also receive weekly Info-sheets – full of fun information and necessary to answer the ‘Jugend’-questions. The Leichhardt question answers can all be found on the www.leichhardtland.net.au website.

‘Leichhardt’ Poster Competition

Theme of this year’s poster competition is .. Ludwig Leichhardt. Read the Poster Competition instructions by clicking on the link below to find out WHAT we want you to find out about Ludwig Leichhardt, and how to enter.

Poster Competition – Leichhardt   click to download

We are always thrilled to get your entries, and look forward to them coming in!

Das war’s für heute … wir wünschen Euch viel Spass !