It all started with “I Do…”

Is there anything more romantic than a wedding? A wedding celebrated for hundreds of years!

On October 12, 1810, Bavaria’s Prince Ludwig (who became King Ludwig I) invited all the people of his capital, Munich, to help celebrate his wedding to his new wife, Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen, after a whirlwind 10 month courtship. 40,000 citizens joined the public festival held on the fields outside Sendlinger Tor, Munich’s southern city gate. The event culminated with a horse race on the final day to close the event that came to be known as “Oktoberfest”.


Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen and Prince Ludwig

Everyone had such a good time that it was decided to do it again the next year – and the one after that, and so on. It has continued to grow and has evolved into the most famous folk festival in the world – Oktoberfest – and is still held in the original place, ‘Theresienwiese’ (‘Therese’s meadow’) in the heart of Munich.



Throughout the 19th century, the festivities expanded to include more beer stalls, amusements, folk music and dancing. In 1938, the horse races were removed from the Festival, though the expansion and development of the Festival continued into the Oktoberfest that is celebrated today. Who would have thought that a wedding celebration would turn into the world’s largest Folk Festival … and continue for more than 200 years?!

Oktoberfest Brisbane

Oktoberfest Brisbane has been inspired, since its inception in 2008, to create and grow an authentic German Festival in the heart of Brisbane. With something new to experience every year, it’s much more than just another Oktoberfest, it’s a true German Festival!


Oktoberfest Brisbane


Youngcare Australia

Celebrating 8 years together!

Youngcare Australia has been Oktoberfest Brisbane’s Charity Partner since the beginning. Back in 2008, a great partnership was born and this year we celebrate eight fantastic years together!

Now traditionally for an eight year anniversary, gifts of bronze or pottery would be given… but Oktoberfest Brisbane are bucking this trend. Instead, we will keep with what we know is loved and appreciated by Youngcare – and that is fundraising! Since 2008, Oktoberfest Brisbane has helped raise over $155,632 for this fantastic charity and we don’t plan on stopping!

To help raise funds for this fantastic charity, Oktoberfest Brisbane are auctioning off the Pork Knuckle of Destiny and bringing the Brisbane Roar to participate in our Go For Goal. There will be plenty of ways to help donate to this charity while you are at Oktoberfest Brisbane this year, so look out for the Youngcare signs and give generously!

Youngcare Australia is a charity dedicated to helping young Aussies with high care needs to live life with choice, independence and dignity with the philosophy that all young people deserve to live young lives.


Working to provide choice in care and housing options for young people with high care needs, Youngcare is dedicated to keeping young Australians out of aged-care facilities. Why are young people with high care needs in aged-care facilities? There is simply very limited alternatives. Many have long lives to live, yet the realities of aged care mean they will share a residence where the average age is 83 and the average length of stay less than three years.  Being young is about having a lifetime ahead of you, yet aged care is designed for someone who is at the end of their life. In most cases, the specific care needs of a young person will not be met in aged care as they differ greatly to those of the elderly residents.


Youngcare Australia works to deliver greater choice through four main programs:

• Youngcare housing  • Youngcare Connect

• Youngcare At Home Care Grants • Youngcare Research

With the combined support of the community, government and business, young people with high care needs will have choice in where they live, and how they receive care.

Happy 8th Partnership Anniversary Youngcare Australia!

Alles Liebe, Oktoberfest Brisbane.



Is a Pork Knuckle YOUR Destiny?

Do you love pork knuckle? Utterly and completely LOVE it? Do you love it enough to make sure you are the first one to indulge in it at Oktoberfest Brisbane in 2015, whilst also supporting a fantastic charity? Well, it’s time to answer your calling and place your bid – for the Pork Knuckle of Destiny!

The Pork Knuckle of Destiny is an auction that takes place in the lead up to Oktoberfest Brisbane, with all proceeds going to Youngcare Australia. On opening night the very first Pork Knuckle of the Festival is presented with great ceremony to the highest bidder and their team (6 people in total) at one of our prestigious tables in the Bavarian Corner. Presented with great fanfare and gusto, the Pork Knuckle of Destiny will cement your stature in the community as a true German food-lover and supporter of a great charity.

Bids are now open!

Click here to place your bid and see what the current highest bid is! Last year’s winners, Katie’s Trust, bid a fantastic $10,000 for the Pork Knuckle of Destiny – what will be your bid?

Every year, Oktoberfest Brisbane partners with Youngcare as our charity partner. To date, Oktoberfest Brisbane has raised $155,632 for this amazing charity and this year, with your help, we intend on raising more!

What you win


  • Your logo proudly displayed on our website, along with the bid amount that you’ll present to Youngcare
  • Regular announcements of the highest bidder on the Oktoberfest Brisbane social media pages
  • Short description promoting the your company/team on social media and the eNewsletter
  • Photo for you and post on facebook of your team at the cheque presentation during the Opening Ceremony
  • Trumpet fanfare ceremoniously accompanying you to your Bavarian VIP table
  • A Pork Knuckle of Destiny framed commemorative certificate to be proudly displayed on the mantlepiece or in the boardroom


  • The Pork Knuckle of Destiny accompanied by sauerkraut and mashed potato
  • Freshly-baked pretzels
  • A stein of traditional Bavarian Weissbier or Dunkelbier each on arrival at your table
  • Dedicated table service by traditionally-dressed wait staff
  • A round of schnapps to aid the digestive process

Festival Fun

  • Entry to the festival for you and your five dining companions
  • Your own table for the whole evening, to come and go as you please
  • Free rides all night long
  • Commemorative ‘Oktoberfest Brisbane’ cooler and stein each
  • Commemorative ‘Oktoberfest Brisbane’ souvenir each



Oktoberfest Brisbane VIP - dodgem

What’s your favourite ride?

What will you ride at Oktoberfest Brisbane?

This year, Oktoberfest Brisbane brings you some fantastic new rides as well as some classic favourites. Whether you’re young, old or in-between, there is something for everyone to enjoy!

Our rides will be running throughout the festival and this year, rides are FREE on both Fridays – all day long!

PLUS, grab a Family Fun Sunday pass and you will get 5 FREE ride vouchers!


Fancy a 360 Dance Party?


The 360 Dance Party is the newest thrill-ride to hit Australia, swinging 180 and then a full 360, while the outward facing thrill-seekers spin a slow 360. Sound crazy? Well it is! Though you might want to ride this one before indulging in too many Bratwurst…


The Avalanche


An avalanche, by nature, is unpredictable… and this ride is no exception! Which way will it spin…Who knows? Jump on and enjoy the ride! Perfect fun for everyone.


Dodgem Cars

21 2 IMG_0997

What kind of driver are you? The best? The worst? With the dodgem cars it doesn’t matter! The ultimate in classic festival rides, dodgem cars are perfect for all ages. Blast, bump, turn and chase – try NOT to smile when you’re driving a dodgem car!


Jumping Castle


Go on – release your inner child. There’s something about a jumping castle that speaks to the young and the young-at-heart. We recommend eating your pretzel AFTER you jump.


Giant Slide


Climb to the top and slide all the way down. Put your hands in the air and feel the wind in your hair – just don’t forget to stop when you get to the bottom! Perfect fun for everyone.


Get your German on with Schnucki!

If you’re planning on embracing your inner German at this Oktoberfest Brisbane 2015, you should definitely be thinking about your Dirndl or Lederhosen.

Schnucki Dirndl and Lederhosen is your fashion destination for everything Trachten (that’s German for traditional costumes) with stunning new arrivals just in. The only authentic Dirndl and Lederhosen shop in Australia, Schnucki was new to Oktoberfest Brisbane in 2013, and almost instantly sold out. These authentic creations are sure to be in hot demand again this year, so best you don’t leave it to the last moment!

Dirndl 101: For the ladies

There are many different Dirndl styles out there nowadays but we thought we’d give you a little Dirndl 101 right here!


Traditional Maxi Dirndl – long

Very traditional and forever contemporary.
With a Maxi Dirndl you are ready for any occasion!


Midi Dirndl – knee-length

Very trendy, always in style, preferred length at Oktoberfest.


Mini Dirndl – short

Short, cool and bold – the Mini Dirndl especially for the young ladies……

Lederhosen 101: For the lads

Length, colour and embellishments, there is more than meets the eye for the guys!

Choose your length

There are two kinds of Lederhosen, one is called Kniebund which finishes below the knee and the other is called Plattler and finishes just before the knee (short).


Kniebund Lederhosen


Plattler Lederhosen


The leather

Schnucki’s Lederhosen are all made with 100%‘Wildbock’ (wild buck) leather.

Lederhosen come in many different colours, varying from black to dark brown, light or golden brown or off white.


Choose your colour


When it comes to embellishments, stick with traditional motifs such as calibrate or vine leaves and classic colours such as light green, moss green or yellow.


Various embellishments

See Schnucki’s new range for 2015 for some alternative motifs.

Schnucki will be at Oktoberfest Brisbane for 2015 with a marquee full of gorgeous Dirndl and Lederhosen, as well as all the accessories you could ever want.

Bavarian Strongmen Search

Do you have what it takes to be the Oktoberfest Brisbane Bavarian Strongmen for 2015?

We’re calling on the toughest of the tough and manliest of the men to join us for our action-packed Bavarian Strongmen competition that will have you showing off your physical prowess while working off the wurst!

Bavarian Strongmen is one of the most popular and fiercely fought competitions taking place at Oktoberfest Brisbane. As the name suggests, this strength-based contest demands some serious muscle.


Taking place on the second Saturday of Oktoberfest Brisbane, teams of three will need to prove their strength and endurance in various Bavarian-style skill tests such as keg rolling, krapfen (jam donut) eating, tug-o-war and many other (slightly Olympic) competitive activities.

Keeping in line with Bavarian traditions, teams will be judged not only on their strength but also on their stein-holding abilities.


When: Saturday 17 Oktober 2015

Where: Oktoberfest Brisbane at the Brisbane Showgrounds (entry via Gregory Tce, Bowen Hills)

Who: YOU and two (team of three)

Registrations: 11:30am at the German Connections Stage on the day

Join our Facebook event to keep up to date with all the latest on the competition and invite your mates (if you think they have what it takes) .


For those wishing to embrace their inner German, get your team together, pull on your lederhosen and start practicing your keg rolling!

Who will be the 2015 Bavarian Strongmen? Join us at Oktoberfest Brisbane and be the ultimate Bavarian champions!

Proudly sponsored by King of Cakes German Bakery and German Sausage Hut.