Oktoberfest down under

Everyone on the dance floor

Oktoberfest Brisbane put on an amazing event!

The entire place was oozing with Germany, so Herr Bear and I felt right at home.

Brisbane Student Ambassadors

We made so many new friends, and boy were there some characters out there.

Interesting looking girls

Everyone was amazed at how we travelled around the world and came all the way from Munich to be here.

We love sharing our German culture with you and we found the best way to do that – is by eating it!

Eating giant pretzels

Herr Bear and I had our fair share of sausages, schnitzels, pretzels, gingerbread, schnapps, and bier.

Weisswurst bavarian white sausage with pretzel and sweet mustard

We’ve definitely put on a few, but that’s okay, we’re still on holiday!

This week, I have heaps of photos for you because so much happened last weekend…

I can’t believe Oktoberfest Brisbane has only two days left.

The Moeller and Zoulek families have done such an amazing job, we have our friends flying in from around the world to experience the event for themselves.

If you haven’t come down already, or you’re joining us again, Herr Bear, our international friends and I will be there tonight and we’d love to see you.

Time to embrace your inner German at Oktoberfest Brisbane. Auf Wiedersehen ♥

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