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Farewell Brisbane

What a year. Travelling around the world has been amazing and opened our eyes to so many wonderful cultures. But our favourite part of the trip was coming to Brisbane. We’ve met some great characters along the way and experienced the best the city has to offer. Unfortunately, it is time for us to return […]

Oktoberfest down under

Oktoberfest Brisbane put on an amazing event! The entire place was oozing with Germany, so Herr Bear and I felt right at home. We made so many new friends, and boy were there some characters out there. Everyone was amazed at how we travelled around the world and came all the way from Munich to be here. […]

A Taste of Bavaria

An invitation came in the mail for us to attend Anzapfen, Oktoberfest Brisbane’s Official Opening Ceremony. We’re so excited to be here in Brisbane for Oktoberfest. Last year we were in Munich and Lord Mayor Christian Ude tapped the first keg. “Do you think Brisbane’s Lord Mayor will tap the keg and serve the first beer […]

Getting ready for Oktoberfest Brisbane!

Queen Street Mall Our family was at Queen Street Mall today helping Oktoberfest Brisbane share with the locals a taste of the festivities to come. Herr Bear was planning to climb the Story Bridge, but I couldn’t pass up free Lebkuchen (gingerbread). The climb would have to wait. Today really reminded me of home. I […]

Soaking up the city sights

South Bank  I don’t know who’s idea it was to put a beach in the middle of the city, but whoever that was, was a genius!  There were so many people at Streets Beach that day, we were lucky to find a patch of sand to have our picnic by the water. So many kids […]

Guten Tag Brisbane!

We can’t believe it – we’re finally here! The weather is Wunderbar and sunny, no wonder why our family here is in love with Brisbane. They were going to take us sight seeing, but they were really busy organising things for your Oktoberfest here. We’ve never been to an Oktoberfest outside of Munich, so I’m excited to […]

California.. here we come!

Hollywood  Fräulein Bear was really excited to go celebrity hunting. But after hours with no luck, we hit the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Keen to take photos with her favourite actors’ stars, she was a bit disappointed when she couldn’t find them.. “How can they call it ‘Walk of Fame’ when Til Schweiger and Moritz […]

Hello Hong Kong

London and Dublin were amazing cities to explore, but now our journey takes us to a very different corner of the world.. Willkommen (welcome) to Hong Kong! Herr Bear and I love trying different breakfasts overseas and we had our very first Yum Cha in Hong Kong. Our favourite dish was barbecue pork buns which […]

Bears in the UK!

Here we are in London Town! Another cloudy day in London, but we have a lot of sightseeing planned for today. The city is much bigger than Munich, with way more people. But even with more people, it’s still really cold. We’re definitely looking forward to warmer weather in Brisbane. First stop. Westminster Abbey! Unfortunately […]

… how it all began

It all started in Germany when a handsome boy bear called Herr Bear fell in love with a lovely girl bear called Fräulein Bear. Herr Bear was raised by a caring master baker and pastry chef who was an expert from Black Forest cake to pretzels. Fräulein Bear is the daughter of a hard working […]