How can you Embrace your inner German?

With Oktoberfest Brisbane only a month away, we decided we should give you the lowdown on how best to embrace your inner German!


Germans love their food and drink!

It’s hard to think of Germany without thinking of pretzels, bratwursts and beer. At Oktoberfest Brisbane, there are more food options than you could possibly stomach in one sitting! Whether you like something savoury like the pork knuckles, bratwurst varieties, sauerkraut, schnitzels or pretzels, or have a craving for something sweet like strudel, pastries or Black Forest cake – you’ll find all of it and more at the largest and most authentic Oktoberfest in Australia!

As for the beer, brush up on the German way to order it! For a lager, your order would be for a Helles, a wheat beer is a Weissbier and for a handcrafted dark beer, you order a Dunkelbier. We also have options for non-beer drinkers. Alcoholic options include a wide variety of German wines and non-alcoholic options include non-alcoholic beer, soft drinks, tea and coffee.


Germans love to dress up!

It’s true, Germans like to make a good impression, and in style. While embracing the authenticity at Oktoberfest Brisbane, why not slip into the traditional German garb?

For the men, there is the Lederhosen in varying lengths, along with different designs and embellishments. For the ladies, there are plenty of Dirndl options – ranging from the basic ones, to unique, one-of-a-kind designs.

Fun fact: the side on which the Dirndl apron bow is tied indicates the whether a woman is “taken” or not!


Germans love their football!

“Football is a simple game. Twenty-two men chase a ball for 90 minutes and at the end, the Germans always win.” – Gary Lineker

Germans love football. It is quite possible that the most passionate you will see a German person is when they are watching, playing, talking about, thinking about or dreaming of, football.

Fun fact: The German Football Association consists of more than 26,000 clubs and 178,000 teams. There are more football fan clubs in Germany than any other country.


Germans love to dance!

Dancing is a German love dating back centuries and is still a great focus of the German culture today.

In the 19th century, Germans turned their traditional German dance “Der Deutsche” (The German) into the Waltz, simply by upping the tempo!

Fun Fact: In 18th century Bavaria, some forms of dance were forbidden for about 30 years as they were deemed immoral… they invoked “obscene behaviour”, leading good men and women into temptation outside of wedlock! Dirty Dancing had nothing on 18th Century Bavaria!


For more fun and inspiring German-isms, come visit us over the second and third weekends of Oktober at the Brisbane Showgrounds, and experience what it truly means to Embrace Your Inner German!

Do you have Brisbane’s Best Beard?

Lovers of facial hair, rejoice! Entries are now open for Beardmeister 2015, hosted this year by Jimmy Rod’s Barbershop



With a great beard comes great responsibility! Watch a variety of beards and moustaches battle it out for the title of Brisbane’s Best Beard, on the second Friday of Oktoberfest Brisbane. Not only that, Jimmy Rod’s Barbershop will be on-site with a pop-up barbershop, should your glorious follicles require a grooming before you step up on the stage!


Categories for this years’ Beardmeister are:

  1. Natural Moustache
  2. Freestyle
  3. Natural Beard

Each category will have a winner proceeding to the Grand Final, where the Beardmeister of Oktoberfest Brisbane 2015 will be announced, showered in prizes and bask in the glory of his new title.


To get the Beards of Brisbane ready, we are conducting a pre-registration for the event via our Beardmeister Facebook Event Page. Simply upload the best pic of your luscious facial locks to the event page and state which category you want to enter… 5 finalists for each category will be chosen by Jimmy Rod’s and Oktoberfest Brisbane, ensuring guaranteed entry to the event as well as free entry to the festival on Friday 16th Oktober!

Pre-registration closes Wednesday 14th Oktober and limited registrations will be taken on the day of the event… so, how’s your beard looking?




Have a Beer Education!

Germany is a well established European tourist destination, known for its food, drink, culture and (of course) Oktoberfest festivities. Here are 10 facts you might not have known about Germany’s  favourite brew!


  1. Referred to as Reinheitsgebot (Rine-Hites-gaBoat), the German Beer Purity Law is a 499 year old law governing how German beer should be produced. Although the law is technically not in effect today, many breweries around the world have adopted the German standard and still uphold the German Beer Purity Law, just as we here at Oktoberfest Brisbane do!
  2. The oldest written recipe to be discovered is one that explains how to brew beer!
  3. With Germany being the European nation that produces the most amount of beer, it is surprising that the Czechs top the list of most avid beer drinkers – with the Germans coming a close second.
  4. There are over 4,000 brands of beer in Germany. Popular ones include Becks, Warsteiner, Krombacher and Veltins.
  5. Germany is home to a beer pipeline. That’s right! Taps in Veltins-Arena, home of the popular German football club, Schalke, are connected by a 5km tube of beer.
  6. Not all beer is brown. The people of Berlin are known for being colourful. There, you can order a ‘Berliner Weisse’ beer, with either Himbeer (raspberry) or Waldmeister (woodruff-flavoured) syrup. Your beverage, served in a stout, bowl-shaped glass, will be pink or green, respectively.
  7. Germans are not only about the beer, they are very pro-environment. All the beer bottles are actively recycled!
  8. Germany has the largest number of breweries in the world, with 1200 and counting!
  9. At the start of Bavarian Beer Week in Germany, an open-air beer fountain dispenses free beer to the public.
  10. The oldest functional beer brewery in the world is just north of Munich. The Weihenstephan was established in 1040AD by the monks of the Weihenstephan Benedictine monastery.



Is a Pork Knuckle YOUR Destiny?

Do you love pork knuckle? Utterly and completely LOVE it? Do you love it enough to make sure you are the first one to indulge in it at Oktoberfest Brisbane in 2015, whilst also supporting a fantastic charity? Well, it’s time to answer your calling and place your bid – for the Pork Knuckle of Destiny!

The Pork Knuckle of Destiny is an auction that takes place in the lead up to Oktoberfest Brisbane, with all proceeds going to Youngcare Australia. On opening night the very first Pork Knuckle of the Festival is presented with great ceremony to the highest bidder and their team (6 people in total) at one of our prestigious tables in the Bavarian Corner. Presented with great fanfare and gusto, the Pork Knuckle of Destiny will cement your stature in the community as a true German food-lover and supporter of a great charity.

Bids are now open!

Click here to place your bid and see what the current highest bid is! Last year’s winners, Katie’s Trust, bid a fantastic $10,000 for the Pork Knuckle of Destiny – what will be your bid?

Every year, Oktoberfest Brisbane partners with Youngcare as our charity partner. To date, Oktoberfest Brisbane has raised $155,632 for this amazing charity and this year, with your help, we intend on raising more!

What you win


  • Your logo proudly displayed on our website, along with the bid amount that you’ll present to Youngcare
  • Regular announcements of the highest bidder on the Oktoberfest Brisbane social media pages
  • Short description promoting the your company/team on social media and the eNewsletter
  • Photo for you and post on facebook of your team at the cheque presentation during the Opening Ceremony
  • Trumpet fanfare ceremoniously accompanying you to your Bavarian VIP table
  • A Pork Knuckle of Destiny framed commemorative certificate to be proudly displayed on the mantlepiece or in the boardroom


  • The Pork Knuckle of Destiny accompanied by sauerkraut and mashed potato
  • Freshly-baked pretzels
  • A stein of traditional Bavarian Weissbier or Dunkelbier each on arrival at your table
  • Dedicated table service by traditionally-dressed wait staff
  • A round of schnapps to aid the digestive process

Festival Fun

  • Entry to the festival for you and your five dining companions
  • Your own table for the whole evening, to come and go as you please
  • Free rides all night long
  • Commemorative ‘Oktoberfest Brisbane’ cooler and stein each
  • Commemorative ‘Oktoberfest Brisbane’ souvenir each



Oktoberfest Brisbane VIP - dodgem

What’s your favourite ride?

What will you ride at Oktoberfest Brisbane?

This year, Oktoberfest Brisbane brings you some fantastic new rides as well as some classic favourites. Whether you’re young, old or in-between, there is something for everyone to enjoy!

Our rides will be running throughout the festival and this year, rides are FREE on both Fridays – all day long!

PLUS, grab a Family Fun Sunday pass and you will get 5 FREE ride vouchers!


Fancy a 360 Dance Party?


The 360 Dance Party is the newest thrill-ride to hit Australia, swinging 180 and then a full 360, while the outward facing thrill-seekers spin a slow 360. Sound crazy? Well it is! Though you might want to ride this one before indulging in too many Bratwurst…


The Avalanche


An avalanche, by nature, is unpredictable… and this ride is no exception! Which way will it spin…Who knows? Jump on and enjoy the ride! Perfect fun for everyone.


Dodgem Cars

21 2 IMG_0997

What kind of driver are you? The best? The worst? With the dodgem cars it doesn’t matter! The ultimate in classic festival rides, dodgem cars are perfect for all ages. Blast, bump, turn and chase – try NOT to smile when you’re driving a dodgem car!


Jumping Castle


Go on – release your inner child. There’s something about a jumping castle that speaks to the young and the young-at-heart. We recommend eating your pretzel AFTER you jump.


Giant Slide


Climb to the top and slide all the way down. Put your hands in the air and feel the wind in your hair – just don’t forget to stop when you get to the bottom! Perfect fun for everyone.


German Beer & the Purity Law

Most beer connoisseurs know there are four key ingredients to making beer: hops, barley, water and yeast.

These are the only ingredients permitted in beer, according to the old German Beer Purity Law.


What is the German Beer Purity Law?

Referred to as Reinheitsgebot (Rine-Hites-gaBoat), the decree has come to be known as German Beer Purity Law. It is a 499 year law governing how German beer should be produced. It was one of the world’s oldest food quality regulations and has become part of the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Written by Duke Wilhelm IV of Bavaria in 1516, the law states only hops, barley and water may be used to brew beer. The law was first introduced in Bavaria, but it gave the local governments the tools to enforce the regulation, which slowly spread all over Germany.

At that time, brewers simply depended on the natural fermentation process to take its course. It wasn’t until the 1800’s that yeast was added to the acceptable list of ingredients when scientists discovered the fermenting agent.


Intent of the law

Although the law doesn’t explicitly state the reasoning behind the regulation, many say the intent of the law was designed to ensure the quality of beer, stop people using valuable grains for beer and regulate pricing.

At the time, beer was being brewed with all sorts of ingredients before the rise of hops. Spices, fruits, weeds, herbs and even poisonous seeds. By insisting that only hops, barley and water be used for the brewing of beer, it protected consumers from poor standards and harmful ingredients.

Grains like wheat and rye were also being used to make beer, which were better used in bread baking. The introduction of the law prohibited the use of cereal grains for beer, reserving wheat and rye strictly for bread bakers and to ensure the scarce supply of wheat was only used to make bread.

The law also had very detailed paragraphs stipulating the price at which beer could be sold. This law was enacted to make sure the citizens had good beer at a reasonable price (set as one Pfennig per Mass).

The purity law today

The law was repealed in 1987, when a European Union court deemed it a restriction of free trade, as the purity law was seen as protectionism. Although the law is technically not in effect today, many breweries around the world have adopted the German standard and still uphold the German Beer Purity Law.

The traditional German saying;

Hopfen und Malz – Gott erhalt’s

translates to:

Hops and malt for beer, may God preserve them here

– a pledge that remains true in our hearts today. All of our beers at Oktoberfest Brisbane, including our non-alcoholic Weissbier, are brewed in strict accordance with the ‘Bayrisches Reinheitsgebot’, the German Beer Purity Law.


This is the largest representation of the German Beer Purity Law in the world. This is located on the production building wall of Tucher Brewery, in Nuremberg, Germany.

Oktoberfest Brisbane encourages responsible and sensible drinking behaviour at all times.


Wilkommen Oktoberfest Brisbane 2014!

Our Partners, your Favourites!

When the National Geographic Traveler ranked Oktoberfest Brisbane as one of the Top 10 Oktoberfests celebrated around the world, we were excited! It meant that we were successfully bringing the Bavarian experience across the seas to Australia, right here in Brisbane. Our wonderful partners have been helping us present an ample spread of authentic food, drink, entertainment and culture, year after year. Who will you see this year, you ask? Here’s a glimpse!


As you enter the gates of Oktoberfest Brisbane, the air is filled with delectable aromas of typical, authentic, German folk festival foods. Our food partners are universally of German or Austrian ancestry or with German cultural connections, each with a culinary speciality that distinguishes them. We have something to satisfy a wide variety of cravings. Savour a proper meal such as K&K Schnitzel/Burger-Haus’ schnitzel burger, pork knuckle from Haxen Haus, a Bratwurst from German Sausage Hut or a Wood-fired Flammkuchen. In the mood for something sweet? Sample nougat and Belgian chocolates from Organic Cotton Candy Company, or pretzel and delicious sweets from King of Cakes.

food-k-and-k-schnitzel_02 food-haxen-haus Richie-german-saussage-hut_02 food-flamkuchen food-organic-cotton-candy-co Food-king-of-cakes


The 343-year-old Tucher Brewery in Nürnberg make a lager and wheat beer each year just for our patrons at Oktoberfest Brisbane – these are not available anywhere else in the world, not even in Germany! Prefer something else? We also have a selection of wines, sparkling, Sekt (German sparkling) at the Wine / Champagner bar. Of course, there are plenty of non-alcoholic beverages on offer too, so everyone is catered for at our family-friendly festival. Prost!

Entertainment & Culture

As you are on your way to the festival, you might be greeted across Bowen Hills by the melodious tones of our yodellers, known as Heidi and Adeline. The main tent at Oktoberfest Brisbane will be filled by the sounds of traditional German music, by the six-member Munich-based Münchner Buam (Munich Boys). Bring the little ones with you, or maybe you’re just secretly a big kid at heart that never lost that inner child. Don’t miss out on catching a performance by Julia at the Kiddywinks Puppet Theatre.


There is an eclectic collection of merchandise, souvenirs, books and clothing to be found across Oktoberfest Brisbane. Make sure to take in performances by the Alpenrosen Dance Group’s performance and roaming accordionist Vic, who aim to present years of German culture to you in Brisbane.

There are also fabulous Schnucki outfits to slip into, should you and your friends decide to fully embrace your inner German and slip into a Dirndl or a Lederhosen. How about a genuine Cuckoo clock and a delightful range of cutest German souvenirs from Montville’s Cuckoo Clock shop? A beautiful coffee table book on the 170 years of German Connections in Queensland published by the German Australian Community Centre Qld? Or simply plan your next trip to Germany and Europe with our friendly travel expert Janka from German Australian Travel!

entertainment-alpenrosen entertainment-bell-ringing Acordonist-vic_02


What is the ‘Bayrisches Eck’?

Picture yourself and your friends in a cosy alpine guesthouse, way up high in the Bavarian Alps of southern Germany. Locals, friends and other groups wander in and soon it’s buzzing: the smell of delicious food, the laughter, the music, and a fabulous view over the surrounding countryside.

This is a corner of Bavaria, and at Oktoberfest Brisbane we have gone to great lengths to capture this atmosphere, the flavours, the cosiness and what Germans call ‘Gemütlichkeit’ in our Bavarian Corner, or ‘Bayrisches Eck‘ as the Germans would say (pronounced: By-rish-es Eck).

We transport this piece of Germany directly into our Oktoberfest tent at the Brisbane Showgrounds once a year, over two weekends in October.

Celebrate festively with friends

Just like Munich’s Oktoberfest, we have a raised podium area specially dedicated to our Bavarian VIP Table guests. But we go one step further and offer an experience and extras in our Bayrisches Eck that even Munich’s Oktoberfest guests won’t find anywhere.

  • Look around: Enjoy the best view above other areas within the tent, and the beautiful alpine view hanging behind. The tableware is imported from Germany, so you can’t get more authentic than that!
  • Bavarian banquet: Our impressive food platter of hot and cold delicacies, the Bavarian Brettl, is something that even Munich doesn’t have. Handcrafted especially for our tables, it creates a festive feast experience that is truly unique within Brisbane and beyond.
  • Service with a smile & a dance: Our wait staff also look the part, dressed in traditional Dirndls and Lederhosen, they look after your dining wishes and, if you’re lucky, you may even get them to twirl a Chicken Dance or two with you.
  • Wait, there’s more: Your own VIP amenities, ‘Bayrisches Eck’ Lebkuchenherzen (gingerbread hearts), custom branded swag (steins and coolers), made just for our Bavarian VIP Table guests. As well as free rides!

Oktoberfest-Brisbane-VIP-bayrisches-eck_03 Oktoberfest-Brisbane-VIP-bayrisches-eck_05

We’d love to welcome you, your friends, family or colleagues to our Bayrisches Eck. Find out more HERE.



6 Delicious Reasons to Crave for Oktoberfest

Would you beg for a Bratwurst? Do you pine for a Pork Knuckle? Then you may have a ‘German food addiction’ of the very best kind.

Here are our top six picks that will have you craving more at this year’s for Oktoberfest Brisbane:

1. Pork Knuckle (Schweinshaxe)

What would an Oktoberfest be without the most iconic dish of all… the Schweinshaxe (pork knuckle)? Many may offer it, but few perfect it the way our Haxen Haus does. The whole year long their team are busily perfecting and testing just so our festival visitors can savour it over two weekends in October. Try it yourself and taste the love and dedication that goes into every crunch of the crackling and melt-in-your-mouth pork. Couple that with some creamy mash and Sauerkraut and you’ll have the ultimate ‘comfort food’.

Tip: Get fit with Pork Knuckle! Say “Schweinshaxe” 10 times fast (pronounced: Schvines-hacks-a) – it’s a great way to exercise those facial muscles.


2. Wunder-bar (German Bier)

Imagine a German brewery creating a special beer just for you – that’s what century-old Tucher brewery does for us. You won’t find these two beers – a lager Oktoberfest beer and refreshing wheat beer – anywhere else in the world!

And once you’ve washed that down, try the specially brewed German-style dark beer from multi-award winning Burleigh Brewing and you have Germany’s favourite brews covered.

And of course they are all brewed to the German Purity Law.

We think that is truly Wunderbier… oops, we mean ‘Wunderbar’!

Tip: Want a beer but not the alcohol? Try our full-flavoured, alcohol-free wheat and lager beers from Tucher, our festival organisers’ favourite thirst-quenchers.

Anzapfen_02 Ber-high-five

3. XXL Pretzels

Pretzels bigger than your face, fresh out of the oven, and guaranteed to win you friends over and over again. This is pretzel-baking taken to a totally new level – by Bavarian master baker Wolfgang, at Oktoberfest Brisbane.

Pretzels are not only a staple food throughout Germany, they are a mum or dad’s favourite – there’s nothing like the soft doughy breadiness and crunchy crusty ends to keep the kids happy.

Try our giant XXL sized pretzels and win friends instantly… that is, if you dare to share it.

Tip: Traditional German accompaniment to fine brews, and a great money-saver – share with a friend or 4.

pretzel-consumption-boy Pretzel-food

4. Bratwurst

There’s nothing like the smell, sizzle, and flavour explosion when you bite into a mouth-watering German Bratwurst – served straight from Richy’s huge custom-made wood-fired grill, onto a fresh crusty roll with lashings of homemade sauerkraut and German mustard. Close your eyes, smell those delicious aromas, and listen to the strains of Oktoberfest music and be transported to Germany.

It’s an experience to be savoured and talked about for generations. Guten Appetit!

Tip: Eat it as the Germans do – with mustard and sauerkraut. (Tomato sauce only shows the world you’re a tourist and not a ‘local’).


5. Wine

We’ll let you into one of Germany’s best kept secrets… their wine! These seriously good wines will redefine wine-lovers’ palates. We are proud to offer our wine fans a popular selection from Brogsitter winery, a wine-making family with a heritage stretching back more than four centuries. Sourced from the Rhine, Moselle and Saar regions, they are carefully crafted into wines with style, character and finesse.

Germans love their good wines but tend to drink most of it to themselves. That’s why you won’t find many of their wines outside Germany. Savour Brogsitter’s Riesling (rich fruity bouquet, crisp finish), Dornfelder (highly-popular German red grape), and Sekt (German sparkling wine) and you’ll be converted.

Tip: Use the right words and show you’re a connoisseur – Wein (pronounced: vine) for wine, and Sekt (pronounced as it’s written) for sparkling. Never call it champagne – that’s ONLY reserved for that special sparkling liquid derived from the Champagne region of France.


6. Lebkuchenherzen

What do a deliciously spicy biscuit, a colourful fashion accessory and an interior wall-hanging or ornament have in common? They are one and the same thing, a Lebkuchenherz – invented by the Germans. Commonly known as ‘gingerbread hearts’ in English-speaking countries, they do, in fact, contain many spices but usually not ginger.

Ideal for shy suitors, the message on the heart may convey more than 1,000 words spoken, such as ‘Ich liebe dich’ (I love you) or ‘Schatzi’ (treasure).

It is one of the most practical festival souvenirs of all – to wear, decorate or simply eat! Lebkuchen lasts for months, even years; keep it dust-free and you can dunk it in your tea or coffee months down the track… that’s if the kids or housemates haven’t got to it first!

Tip: Check the German message on the heart before you buy – ask any roaming German speaker or our food stall holders. Giving your best mate one with ‘Ich liebe dich’ on it may give the wrong impression!

Large-german-heart Gingerbread-hearts_01

Miss Oktoberfest Brisbane Search

Ladies, are you in training already for the title of Miss Oktoberfest Brisbane 2015? It’s time for you to embrace your inner German and let everyone know about your ability to carry heavy objects, dress traditionally and milk a cow, among other things.


Dust off your Dirndl and get your German on! If you don’t have an authentic Dirndl, one of Oktoberfest Brisbane’s partners, Schnucki has a beautiful range of authentic Dirndls (and Lederhosen for the men).

Your smarts and your ability to have fun will be key in aiding you on your quest to become Brisbane’s new favourite “Fräulein” on the 10th of October – the first Saturday of our dual-weekend festival!


Your efforts will focus on four key qualities – style, agility, learning ability and knowledge – designed to display your abilities to the fullest. This fast-paced and fun competition will see you milking a cow, and showing off your strength, fashion sense and knowledge about all things German, while an entire audience cheers you to victory!

The winner will wear the glamorous sash and be crowned the title of ‘Miss Oktoberfest Brisbane 2015’. All participants will receive a ‘thank you’ gift in appreciation of their efforts, and finalists will each receive a basket of German gourmet goodies.

On Saturday 10th October 2015, registrations will be held in the German Connections area.

Join our Facebook event HERE to keep up to date with all the latest on the event.


Do you have what it takes to win this year’s coveted title along with the prestige, glamour and prize it brings?