… how it all began

It all started in Germany when a handsome boy bear called Herr Bear fell in love with a lovely girl bear called Fräulein Bear.

Herr Bear was raised by a caring master baker and pastry chef who was an expert from Black Forest cake to pretzels. Fräulein Bear is the daughter of a hard working farmer from a little Bavarian village, who is admired for his goats, used by the local tailor to make Lederhosen for all the village guys.

The couple ventured to a nearby town to study, and this is where their paths crossed.

He said he loved me at first sight, on our very first date! – She says.

“I don’t remember that!” – He says.

Herr Bear studied business so he could run his father’s successful Bavarian bakery. Fräulein Bear studied creative dance, to follow her dream – being a world-famous German folk dancer.

Now they’ve decided to visit their family and friends in Brisbane … but it’s a long journey to get there!

Marienplatz, Munich

Ready to begin our journey from the Marienplatz, Munich

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For those who are new to the German language,the names Herr and Fräulein are simply German for Mr and Miss, in this case, Mr Bear and Miss Bear.