Gotzinger at oktoberfest Brisbane

Götzinger – Generations of Sausage Royalty

Want to know where to get the special Oktoberfest Brisbane sausages, perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner? They’re from Götzinger of course!

Sausages at Oktoberfest BrisbaneGötzinger SausagesSausages from Götzinger






Götzinger, which boasts over 120 years experience, spanning generations, is an integral Festival Partner and can be found all year round in their Götzinger smallgoods kitchen located in Yatala. This family run enterprise is known for consistently producing the finest quality European smallgoods in Queensland and prides itself on its heritage. They source their fresh produce and ingredients from many parts of the globe, to give their customers a true continental experience.

With its beginnings in Austria, the craft has been handed down from family to family, consistently producing the highest quality smallgoods that has become a hallmark for the Götzinger name.

Götzinger Smallgoods has now expanded into the retail sector with a wide range of gourmet pre-pack smallgoods available at Woolworths, selected IGAs and various food shows across the country. Their exclusive product range includes the legendary Dutch roast pork, cheese kransky, and their award winning sausages, along with many other gourmet specialties. We believe their range of continental smallgoods to be the finest in the land.

Antony van der Drift, head of Götzinger Smallgoods, wants to Willkommen you to Oktoberfest Brisbane early this year with one of his favourite German meals – The Bratwurst Sandwich. Guten Appetit! To see other great recipes from Götzinger and to view their amazing new website, click here.

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The Bratwurst Sandwich

Serves 4

German Bratwurst








400g packet Götzinger German Bratwurst

1 tablespoon light olive oil

2 large brown onions, sliced

¼ cup grain mustard

½ cup Thousand Island dressing

1 large French bread stick

200g Sauerkraut strained

12 slices Swiss cheese


  1. In a non-stick fry pan, heat oil on low and cook the sliced onions until soft and golden in colour. Remove to a small bowl and fold in the grain mustard.
  2. Heat and brown well the Götzinger German Bratwurst in an oiled pan or on a BBQ grill. Once cool enough to handle, slice the German Bratwurst diagonally into 1cm pieces.
  3. Preheat oven to 180C.
  4. Slice the bread stick length ways, and place open on a non-stick baking tray. Spread the Thousand Island dressing to both sides of the breadstick. Place half of the Swiss cheese slices on the bottom of the bread stick followed by the onion mixture, Götzinger German Bratwurst slices, Sauerkraut and top with the remaining Swiss cheese slices. Place the top half of the bread stick on to complete the sandwich, and bake for 10-15 mins until the cheese has melted and the bread is crunchy on top.
  5. Cut into 4 and serve.


Haxen Haus

What’s For Dinner? Haxen Haus… Of Course!

Pork knuckles at Oktoberfest BrisbaneTraditional German recipes are full of flavour and nostalgia and Haxen Haus, found only at Oktoberfest Brisbane, has perfected this art. Haxen Haus has been serving hungry Germans (and Brisbanites) their annual fix of roast pork knuckles, roast pork loin and chicken dishes using the traditional German method, since 2012, Yum!  Team these scrumptious meats with mashed potato, Sauerkraut, coleslaw or hot chips and your choice of mustard, aioli, gravy or tomato sauce… and you’re definitely onto a winner! Don’t forget to taste the Leberkäse – an all time German favourite and a great hit with Aussies too!

Pork not your thing? Then try the chicken platter for two! But be warned, it’s so delicious you may not want to share! German spit-roasted chickens are an example of German technology, engineering and logic – forget the automobile, forget Beethoven, Mercedes, Audi and Porsche etc. THIS is a classic example of German engineering at its best.

Although looking like a plain roaster, you will find these rotisseries at markets and foodstalls all over Germany. They produce the most beautiful crisp and tasty skinned chicken.

Chicken at Haxen HausSpit-roasted chickenOktoberfest Brisbane Pork Knuckle







The heating elements are at the back and in the bars that hold the chicken. These rotate and produce an all-rounded roasting. But that’s not the secret … it’s in the moving of the bars. They are exchanged after a while – top goes to next, goes to next, and bottom one goes to the top. This means that the juices and fats from the top level of chickens drips down onto the next level and ‘bastes’ each chicken gradually, all the time.

And the flavour? Finger-licking wunderbar … try it and see!!

Haxen Haus use a specially imported German roaster for their chickens. These may look plain but they pack a tastebud punch!

Michael describes the German Festival as “a great cultural event where you can experience different food, beer, music and entertainment with your friends and colleagues” and we couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

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The German Sausage Hut

The Best ‘Wurst’ in Town!

Got a craving for cheese kransky, a desire for debreciner (pork sausage) or a longing for lashings of Sauerkraut? Well great news! The German Sausage Hut will be serving up their hearty German sausages at this year’s Oktoberfest Brisbane!

Established in 2002 by two passionate German food-lovers, the German Sausage Hut quickly turned into a well-known meeting point for all sausage lovers at major markets and events across Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.

SausagesEach year, at Oktoberfest Brisbane, Bratwurst (their bestseller), frankfurter, debreciner and cheese kransky are served straight from the sizzling-hot grill in a fresh roll with German mustard or tomato sauce and a generous helping of sauerkraut. Guten Appetit!

Then in 2013 Richy introduced his German Potato Barn serving up a selection of baked potatoes with a variety of toppings including the Austrian baked potato served with butter, beef goulash and sour cream. And what’s even better is that all their baked potato combinations, potato soups and potato tornado are gluten free!

http://www.fiba.comBaked potato with spicy debreciner sausage and melted cheese

Baked potato with hungarian goulash and sour creamAustralian vegetarian potato

Potato with german speck and spring onions on cream cheesePotatoes




Can’t wait till October for your sausage fix? Well you’re in luck because the German Sausage Hut has their traditional “Imbiss” cafe/bistro located on Burnett Lane in the CBD. Choose your meal from the large selection of sausages (either served in a bun or on a plate piled high with potato salad), or savour the goulash pies and rissoles. On Friday nights go all in and get a pork hock; a big, juicy pork knuckle with crunchy crackling surrounded by creamy mash and Sauerkraut. This dish is only available at The German Sausage Hut Imbiss on Friday nights and must be pre-ordered as it takes several hours to cook.

So sink your teeth into the German Sausage Hut’s offerings at this year’s Oktoberfest Brisbane!

German Sausage Hut at Oktoberfest Brisbane

German Potato Hut - Potato TornadoSausages at Oktoberfest Brisbane







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K&K Wolfgang

2,000 Schnitzel Burgers Sizzled and Munched!

At this year’s Oktoberfest Brisbane make sure you pay a visit to K&K Schnitzel/Burger-Haus. You will be treated to the most divine traditional Austrian & German cuisine from chicken schnitzels, Weisswurst with pretzels, to a huge selection of burgers, Leberkäse, goulash soup, crumbed fish and a selection of dips and salads.

Schnitzel burgers


Such is the popularity of this eatery, that there were 2,000 Schnitzel burgers sizzled and munched at last year’s German Festival. But that’s not all. You must try the very impressive Oktoberfest Burger – 200g prime ground beef, bacon, Edam cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onion, homemade pesto mayo, smoky BBQ sauce and sausage crown. Now that’s a taste sensation in itself! Then there is the pork belly. Grab a scrumptious pork belly braised in sauerkraut with paprika, sour cream and sourdough bread. YUM!

Need a vegetarian option? Don’t worry, you won’t be left out. For the vegetarians amongst us, you can enjoy a scrumptious vegetarian burger filled with a vegetable pattie, lettuce, tomato, red onion and pesto mayo, or try a selection of dips (Obatzda Bavarian Camembert spread with chives and Soletti crackers or the ricotta dip with fresh herbs and Soletti), a selection of salads or a delicious steamed corn cob with butter and salt.

K&K Schnitzel/Burger-HausBorn and bred in Austria, K&K’s Wolfgang Kaspar, with his signature moustache (keep an eye out for him this year!) trained at Vienna’s famous Sacher Hotel and brought his skill and love of the finest Austrian cuisine to Brisbane.

He is an integral part of the ‘food family’ at Oktoberfest Brisbane, and each year he has refined and introduced new and exciting dishes for our visitors to enjoy.

Wolfgang describes Oktoberfest Brisbane as “an annual event not to be missed: great atmosphere, live authentic music and food, fun for the whole family!”

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Wolfgang - King of Cakes

Kaffee und Kuchen – a German tradition

Our favourite German baker, The King of Cakes, Wolfgang Kelke, is back again for another year! Born in Bavaria and a trained master baker and pastry chef, Wolfgang moved to Brisbane and wanted to share his love of German breads and cakes… and so ‘The King’ was born.

King of Cakes at Oktoberfest Brisbane

Across all six days of the German Festival, King of Cakes will be catering to the hungry Lederhosened and Dirndl-wearing crowds with their sweet fare, and offer an array of to-die-for desserts: Black Forest cake, Bavarian cheesecakes, apple strudels, giant love-heart gingerbreads and many more European sweets. You’ll find the King in the bustling ‘Marktplatz’ (Market Square).

Also for Oktoberfest Brisbane 2014, the King of Cakes team will be serving up smaller gingerbread hearts, Lebkuchenherz, which are traditionally worn around your neck, like giant edible necklaces, and are taken home by many at the end of the festival. These gingerbread hearts are decorated with German phrases such as Ich Liebe Dich (I love you) and come strung with a ribbon.  Edible adornments. We like!

Pretzels and gingerbread hearts!


So tuck into pretzels, Black Forest cake, Viennese chocolate cake, jam-filled donuts, Bee Sting slice, chocolate éclairs, or a traditional apple strudel with the King of Cakes at this year’s Oktoberfest Brisbane!
P.S. Like King of Cakes on Facebook and have the chance to win free tickets for Oktoberfest Brisbane and check out for their new “Royal Cake Club” loyalty program.

Bee Sting SliceGingerbread heartsCake at Oktoberfest Brisbane







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Pork knuckle

Oktoberfest Brisbane – a Foodie’s Paradise!

Never been to Oktoberfest Brisbane before? Love your food and don’t know what to expect from ours? Well let us tell you! You’ll be able to smell and taste the absolute finest in German gourmet foods and handcrafted beers and wines.

SausagesOktoberfest Brisbane is a Foodie’s paradise. Choose from an array of delicious dishes, such as the baked potato dishes, German cucumber salads, spinach dip, strawberries dipped in Belgian chocolate and freshly-baked pretzels, as well as other deliciously authentic German specialities.

Sink your teeth into a mouth-watering debreciner, Weisswurst, Bratwurst, cheese kransky or frankfurter, all served with Sauerkraut in a roll and brought to you by the German Sausage Hut. Or head on over to Haxen Haus to share a chicken platter for two with a friend or perhaps try the whole spit-roast chicken with coleslaw and hot chips. You may also like to savour one of the famous pork knuckles served with mashed potato and Sauerkraut. If that doesn’t get your mouth watering then we don’t know what will!

Going to Oktoberfest Brisbane for the afternoon? Get yourself a steaming hot cup of coffee and enjoy the divine German cakes and slices from the King of Cakes… Black Forest, Bee Sting, Sacher Torte, cheesecakes and apple strudels…. there are almost too many to choose from! Later indulge in the delectable desserts from the Organic Cotton Candy Company, but don’t leave without sampling the cotton candy!

Gingerbread K&K Schnitzel/Burger-Haus

Enjoying the Oktoberfest Brisbane food Oktoberfest Brisbane FoodK&K Schnitzel & Burger HausThe German Sausage Hut 




Our Oktoberfest Brisbane ‘food family’ not only loves to cook, barbeque and bake traditional German dishes for you – they also all boast German ancestry or German cultural connections. You can’t get more authentic than that! And they certainly all know their traditional German dishes.

Need a vegetarian or gluten free option? Don’t worry you won’t be left out! For the vegetarians amongst us, enjoy a scrumptious vegetarian burger filled with a vegetable pattie, lettuce, tomato, red onion & pesto mayo or try a selection of dips (Obatzda Bavarian Camembert spread with chives & Soletti – a traditional Bavarian dip and rarely found in Brisbane, or the ricotta dip with fresh herbs & Soletti – both also gluten free). There are also a selection of salads, the Australian baked potato (which is also gluten free) with butter, sour cream, cheese and coleslaw and the classic South German vegetarian dish Spätzle with garlic mushroom sauce. Allergic to gluten? The German Potato Hut Menu has you covered! All their baked potato combinations, potato soup and potato tornado are gluten free!

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And remember, there’s no processed pizzas, nachos or dagwood dogs at Oktoberfest Brisbane, only the very best gourmet German delights!