Selection of images from the Oktoberfest Brisbane 2014

Too engrossed in that delicious schnitzel-burger to make it to the cow-milking? Having too much fun on the carnival rides and missed out on the Fliegerlied lessons? Don’t worry – you can find a wide range of pictures here!

Enjoying Pork Knuckles Wolfgang and Emily Enjoying food and drink at Oktoberfest Brisbane Singing along to the Oktoberfest band A fun day with the family Getting together with friends Craft corner in the Kinder Zone Farmyard Animals OktoberfEAST Emily Loo Dancing the night away Oktoberfest Brisbane Tornado Potatoes Animal Farm Bavarian VIP TableDressing up is just half the funThe Fliegerlied Enjoying a relaxing day in the Munich BiergartenKeeping the kids entertainedOktoberfest Brisbane, fun for every ageMore rides enjoyed across the two weekendsFace painting, a hit with the kidsOktoberfest Brisbane 2014Oktoberfest Brisbane

Here is the Oktoberfest Brisbane news round-up and sports results

What an unglaublich (incredible) experience the 2014 German Festival was!

It was amazing to see so many of our guests and friends ‘embracing their inner German’ by dressing-up their outer German as well.  We may even have tipped the balance this year, with Dirndln und Lederhosen in the majority across both weekends of the festival – well done, everyone!

6C2_4092 copyIt’s this wholehearted immersion in the authentic German experiences on offer that helps make Oktoberfest Brisbane the fun and successful family event it is for everyone.

Your enthusiastic, “boots’n’all” participation was heartily reciprocated by the boys in our very own Münchner Buam band, who pumped out more than 50 hours of floor-stomping, clap-slapping, singalong tunes in their sets over the two weekends!

1C1_5500rs_Tapping_THUMB-CROPThis year’s official opening drew the biggest crowd of any Oktoberfest Brisbane Anzapfen and Lord Mayor Graham Quirk did everyone proud by tapping the first festival keg with one less hammer tap than his Munich counterpart (3:4 – advantage Brisbane!) – well, that’s what our photos show, so what we’re sticking with.

7C2_5234 copyIf the 2014 German Festival had a theme, it must surely have been mehr, mehr, mehr – more carnival rides enjoyed by more guests (with more shrieks and more laughter) than before;  more pork knuckles, more pretzels and more Oktoberfest burgers consumed (by the thousands!) than ever before;  and more VIP tables in the Bayrisches Eck booked by more groups of friends and work colleagues than in any of our previous years!

083A8374This year, it was also wonderful to experience the amazing response to two Oktoberfest Brisbane ‘firsts’ – the Schnucki fashion show on the main stage in the main tent, and the innovative “OktoberfEAST” food fusion demonstrations with Masterchef’s (and GOMA’s) Emily Loo on each Sunday of the festival.

2C2_2196rsIf you were in the minority which didn’t ‘dress German’ this year (tch-tch), then the Schnucki team would certainly have enchanted with colourful possibilities for next year.

And if you thought you knew all there was to do with German sausages or Austrian schnitzel-burgers – think again.  Emily’s ‘east-meets-west’ classes with Richy and Wolfgang were smash hits, and the clamour for recipes has been deafening!

And now, here’s a brief wrap of all the sports news.

6C1_1796_copy_Strongmen_THUMB-CROPThe Lokomotiv trio captured the Bavarian Strongmen title – and will probably spend the next 12 months working off the delicious calories of their prize basket.

Emily McLauchlan_THUMB-CROPThe sash of ‘Miss Oktoberfest Brisbane 2014’ fittingly went to Youngcare volunteer Emily McLaughlan, who edged-out her competition by a short stein with a dazzling display of cow-milking.

5C1_1267rs_Beardmeisters_THUMB-CROPOn a more furry note, the Beardmeister category winners were: Gavin Zimmerman (Moustache), Todd Simms (Freestyle), and Nathan Coles (Full Beard), with Nathan taking out the title of overall Beardmeister Champion 2014.

Well, that’s about all we’ve got time for this year so, from everyone in the Oktoberfest Brisbane families to everyone in our wider Oktoberfest Brisbane family (yes – you!), we say Danke und Auf Wiedersehen!


Emily’s Chicken Schnitzel Asian Burger with Chilli Lime Mayo

On Sunday 19th October Schnitzel Burgers were on the menu, with Emily creating her own Asian twist to this Oktoberfest Brisbane classic – with Wolfgang, from K&K Austrian restaurant explaining the history behind the schnitzel.

Emily prepared her own special ‘take’ on this classic. We’ll simply call it …


Emily’s Chicken Schnitzel Asian Burger with Chilli Lime Mayo and Emily’s Chilli Jam


Guo Bao (Asian Brioche Bun)

300g low gluten flour for steamed bun (available at Asian grocery stores)

35 g caster sugar

5 g (1¾ tsp) dried yeast

30 g lard, melted

extra 95 g plain flour



  1. Stir lard, yeast, 1 tablespoon sugar and 190ml warm water in a bowl until yeast dissolves.
  2. Mix flours, 1½ tsp salt and remaining sugar in an electric mixer fitted with a dough hook on low speed to combine, add yeast mixture and knead until smooth (8-10 minutes).
  3. Place in a lightly oiled bowl, turn to coat, cover with plastic wrap and set aside in a warm place until doubled in size (2 hours).
  4. Knock back dough, divide into 10 –  15 balls and transfer to a tray lined with baking paper, cover with plastic wrap and set aside until doubled in size (1 hour).
  5. Roll dough flat into ovals, brush half of each lightly with oil and fold in half. Place on a sheet of baking paper, cover with a tea towel and set aside until doubled in size (1 hour).
  6. Steam buns in a bamboo steamer over high heat until puffed and cooked through (8-10 minutes)!


Emily’s Chilli Jam

Use same recipe as the first weekend (see previous blog)


Chilli and Lime Mayo 

1 egg yolk

1 whole egg

1 pinch of salt

1 pinch of sugar

1 whole chilli deseeded and chopped finely

300 ml of Soy bean oil or any other veggie oil (NOT olive oil)

1 teaspoon of mustard seed

1 lime (juiced and zest)



  1. Using a stick blender, blitz eggs together with sugar chilli minced and lime zest until well combined.
  2. Add oil slowly while the blender is still blitzing the eggs until well combined.
  3. Add more oil in a constant stream until they are well combined and thicken. A good sign of mayo is the mixture starting to thicken and the mayo did not split half way through.
  4. Add lime juice and more seasoning if require


Chicken Schnitzel Asian Burger method

1 Asian Brioche Bun

1 Chicken Schnitzel

1/4 Red Onion or Spanish Onion

Coriander leaves for garnish

1 tablespoon of Chilli and lime Mayo

1 tablespoon of Emily’s Chilli Jam

Cucumber and carrot ribbons



  1. Assemble as shown in the picture  or according to your own style!



Wishing you happy cooking and a happy tummy!

Would you like to know more about what Emily’s doing, or ask her your foodie questions, then please visit her website .

Emily Loo

Roti Canai by Emily Loo

On Sunday 12th October Emily took that classic German food favourite, Wurst (yes, Sausage), and transformed it into a true Malaysian favourite, Roti Canai.

“I love fresh, local produce so I also prepared my signature Chilli Jam and a light Queensland Pineapple Salsa to round off the sausage dish, Roti Canai. It brings a perfect balance to the richness of the sausage and cheese. Enjoy … and I hope this makes your tummy happy!”, explained Emily.

For all the food fans who have been asking, here she shares it will us, you and everyone who loves food.  Please feel free to try, enjoy and share these recipe with your family & friends.



500g  Plain Flour

230g Water

20g Vegetable Oil

2 tsp Condensed Milk

1 pinch of salt

1 Frankfurts sausage (or any other sausages you prefer)



  1. Mix all the ingredients well and knead the dough with a mixer with a dough hook for 5 mins. Cover with cling film in a bowl and rest in the fridge over night.
  2. The next day, take out the dough and let the dough rest at room temperature for 1 hour. Cut the dough with a cutter or knife into 8 portions and form each of the dough into a round shape.
  3. Oil the dough with hand and let the dough rest again for another 30 mins.
  4. Flatten the dough with the palm of your hand on  a flat surface (lightly oiled) and stretch the dough till paper thin.
  5. Put some spiced sausages and cheese in the centre of the stretched dough and cover it up to form a square shape.
  6. Meanwhile heat the frying pan (lightly oiled) and pan fry the roti on each side till lightly brown.
  7. Serve hot!


Emily’s Chilli Jam

4 Chillies deseeded
1/2 cup sugar
1/4 cup palm sugar
1 punnet of very ripe strawberry
1 blood orange (segmented and reserve the juice)
1/2 tbs of grated ginger
1 lemongrass
1 kaffir lime leaf
1 lime (juice and zest)
1 tablespoon fish sauce

Very simple! Just put everything together and cook on medium/high heat for about 15 mins until reduced or jam-like consistency. Stir occasionally to prevent the sugar burning.

Goes really well with any type of  German Sausage from The German Sausage Hut!


Queenslander Pineapple Salsa:

1/2 Pineapple (cut into small cubes)

1/2 tablespoon of palm sugar

1/2 Spanish Onion (or red salad Onion)

1/2 tablespoon fish sauce

A handful of mint leave



Simply mix everything up and serve – it’s so simple and delicious!!!! Best side for any BBQ dishes!

Sunday a fun-filled festival finale for 2014!

A jam-packed final day on 19 Oktober features a full program of music, dancing, yodelling and carnival rides, cow-milking lessons, food demonstrations, face-painting, animal-petting and puppet theatre – and a dazzling lineup of German driving excellence on which to feast the senses!Animal Farm

Sunday is our final family fun day for 2014 and the Oktoberfest Brisbane action continues right up to the final encore by the band that evening.  There’s plenty of time to make sure you’ve got the moves right for the Hat Dance with Alpenrosen– and to refine your cow-milking skills!

Our younger guests can enjoy the arty-crafty activities in our Bastelecke (craft corner) when they’re not enjoying the carnival rides. Kids, when you can tear your parents away from their slap-dancing lessons, there’s also the animal farm, puppet theatre and so much more to take in and enjoy.

D7C2_6879-edit-2_MT_rego-blurredDads can take their time drooling over the sparkling engineering line-up at Autofest  come and join the admiring audience of other German automobile afficionados at this special annual event. Who knows?  You might even meet the new German love of your (driving) life!  

(If not, don’t despair, there’s always the dodgems –  okay, they may not have three-pointed stars or four rings on them, but you can always pretend can’t you?)

Emily LooMums can check out Emily Loo’s OktoberfEAST food fusion take on the festival’s classic schnitzel burger – both German and Asian-style. See how Emily reinterprets this sublime signature dish from K&K’s Wolfgang Kaspar, and pick up some handy hints from both these culinary whizzes!

And on Sunday afternoon everyone can have a chance to meet the high-energy boys from our Münchner Buam band in person before they fly back to Germany.

D7C1_2770-edit1The boys are sure to pick up the pace so everyone can kick up their heels for a final time at Oktoberfest Brisbane 2014.

DancingAnd you can bet on a big finish when this year’s German Festival finally wraps up at 8pm (last entry 7pm if you really need a final ‘fix’ to get you through to next year!)
After all that, dear friends, as the sun sets over the Brisbane Showgrounds, we bid you auf wiedersehen for another year…Oktoberfest Brisbane