Real men face off over jam doughnuts

The action comes fast and furious (and funny!) on the second Saturday of Oktoberfest Brisbane when the blokes go head-to-head in the annual Bavarian Strongmen competition.

D6C1_1901-edit2 copyProudly sponsored by two of the biggest and most Bavarian names in athletics – King of Cakes German Bakery and German Sausage Hut (perhaps you’ve tasted their winning achievements yourself?) – this contest is truly Olympian in stature, and evokes the best of Oktoberfest tradition.

Male bravado is put to the ultimate test in the Krapfen-eating round (nothing is surer to impress your better half than your demonstrated prowess in consuming jam doughnuts!) – and that’s just one of the five contests.

Teams of three each compete in Bavarian-style wheelbarrow-races, and vie for mastery in other essential German life-skills – like keg-rolling!  TIPP: it will be much safer if you haven’t drunk the contents first (!) – please check the rules of the contest here.

Our eagle-eyed expert judges award points to the top four teams in each discipline, and the team with the most points after all five rounds is awarded the title of Oktoberfest Brisbane’s “Bavarian Strongmen of 2014”.

Thanks to Richy from the German Sausage Hut and Wolfgang from King of Cakes German Bakery, the winning team receives a whole load of delicious Bavarian goodies to share (you’ll need to re-load your carbs after all that exercise, so why not really enjoy yourself?)

D6C1_2022-edit2Time to select two of your most trusted mates – blokes you know you can rely on when confronted by jam doughnuts and the adrenaline starts pumping – and start practising your teamwork!

On Saturday 18th Oktober, teams must register in person at 11:30am, on stage in the German Connections tent, and the action (and laughter – if you’re in the audience!) rolls out from 1pm.

The quest for the Festival’s favourite “Fräulein”

Ladies, put those finishing touches to your Dirndln and brush up on your Oktoberfest knowledge – competition is hotting-up for the coveted title of Miss Oktoberfest Brisbane 2014!

D2C1_9277-edit1Prestige, glamour and prizes await the winner chosen from the bevies of beautiful Bavarian Mädchen who gather in the German Connections tent on 11 Oktober – the first Saturday of the festival.

Presentations will focus on four key qualities – style, agility, learning ability and knowledge – and the ladies will face a range of unique tests, designed to display their abilities to the fullest.

(You may find a clue or two in these pictures from last year’s event!)

Dress your ‘inner German’ in style with a traditional dress or an authentic Dirndl – check with Schnucki if you haven’t already ordered yours (and hope they haven’t sold out!) or show off your very own hand-made outfit.

Better not skip those gym workouts or Pilates classes either – you’ll need to demonstrate traditional Oktoberfest skills in handling and delivering multiple containers full of very precious liquids without spilling a drop.

Speed and dexterity will be key!

D2C2_4573-edit1Contestants will be put through their paces mastering a spread of new skills real quick!  You’ll have the audience cheering you on as you discover abilities you may otherwise have not realised you possessed!

And, yes, there will be a test at the end (groan).  Good news is that most of the subject matter can be found on the Oktoberfest Brisbane website (yay!) … but can you really take the chance that your competitors haven’t swatted-up with some additional Oktoberfest research?  (Hmm …)

All partcipants will receive a ‘thank-you’ gift, and the finalists will each receive a basket of very German gourmet goodies.  The winner will wear the glamorous sash and be awarded the title of Miss Oktoberfest Brisbane 2014.

On Saturday 11 Oktober, registrations begin at 12 noon in the German Connections tent, and the event kicks off at 1pm.  You can find more (and the ‘official rules’ info) here.

“OktoberfEAST” – German-Asian food fusion with Emily Loo!

Discover a new take on a couple of classic German Festival foods when Masterchef’s ‘Spice Queen’ Emily Loo gets together with the German Sausage Hut’s Richy Windt and everyone’s favourite Austrian – K&K’s Wolfgang Kaspar – on the two Sundays of Oktoberfest Brisbane.

That iconic German staple, the sausage, is the first dish to receive the ‘West-meets-East’ treatment  when OktoberfEAST makes its debut on Sunday 12th.

MLS_5552-edit1_CROPRichy will explain traditional German techniques for some of the many different Würstchen and the best matching side-dishes. Then Emily takes to the stove, using German sausage to create an Asian-inspired dish of her very own!

“I’m really excited about this unusual new angle at the festival,” Richy says, “and I can’t wait to see what Emily does, based on this essential German favourite.”

D7C1_2636-edit1_CROPThe following Sunday, 19th, it’s the turn of K&K’s signature Schnitzel Burger when Wolfgang demonstrates how to create a sublime schnitzel – and lets the audience in on the secrets of his home-made pesto mayo.  If you thought things couldn’t get any tastier, just wait till you see how Emily tackles her Asian-fusion Schnitzel Burger!

Wolfgang Kaspar is also keenly anticipating the result: “Schnitzels – of any kind – are just such classics of German and Austrian cuisine, so I am also looking forward to the new approach Emily will bring.”

At each OktoberfEAST session, the culinary kings and queen will compare notes and taste each other’s creations.  Following each demonstration, Emily will speak about her food philosophy and the individual style for which she has become so well-known.

Emily_2_thumbsup_Web“Since my youngest years in Malaysia, tasty food – using local ingredients and spices – has been my special love and hobby. What many people don’t know is that I really love German food – the rich flavour and ingredient combinations work so well together!”  Emily says, “Food is made for sharing and talking – there’s nothing I love more than to cook for my family and friends, sharing delicious different foods all around one big table!   I can’t wait to enjoy sharing some wonderful German food with my family and friends around one big table at Oktoberfest Brisbane .. it makes my tummy happy, and me happy.”

As a special treat for OktoberfEAST visitors, you will have an opportunity to meet Emily after each session (perhaps a photo or two as well?) and take home some very special autographed recipes and memories!

OktoberfEAST will be held from 1:30pm to 2:00pm in the German Connections tent on each Sunday of the festival.

Emily’s appearances at Oktoberfest Brisbane are by courtesy of GOMA – Queensland Art Gallery’s Gallery of Modern Art at South Bank. Read more about Emily on her website here.

Beldisloe cup

‘Bledisloe-berfest’ means big screen action!

Stunning sporting moments can transcend teams and unite nations – never more so than when you get two teams kicking a ball around the paddock! – and Oktoberfest Brisbane keeps a proud tradition in play this year.  While we’re all embracing our inner Germans on Saturday 18th Oktober, we’ll also be cheering on the Aussies and Kiwis.   Ja, richtig!

If Rubgy is your game, there will be no need to leave your favourite German venue to watch your favourite Aussie game, with a BIG screen to watch in the Munich Biergarten at the Brisbane Showgrounds, when the QantasWallabies take on the All-Blacks in the final match of the Bledisloe Cup.   Ja, richtig!

In fact, watchibeergardenng (and yelling yourself hoarse!) in convivial company as the exciting moments of a match unfold in front of your eyes is as much a German tradition as it is a Queensland pastime!   Ja, richtig!  And one which can trace its shared roots back to the year 2000 (if not earlier) when stuff was happening in Hannover and Sydney.   Ja, richtig!

Back then, the Australian Pavilion’s “Sportsbar” at World Expo in Germany was a magnet for visitors from around the planet, watching open-mouthed in awe at the sporting thrills of the Olympics Down Under on the big screen.  This year, it’s Brisbane’s turn.   JA, richtig!  

So, once your Fliegerlied has flown, and you no longer have the legs for the Chicken Dance, it’s time to sit back and watch the boys from across ‘ the ditch’ deliver their best Haka – and let the game begin!   JA, RICHTIG!

The Bledisloe Cup 2014 final will be shown live on the big screen in the Munich Biergarten at Oktoberfest Brisbane on Saturday 18 Oktober, kick off 7pm.

Okoberfest Brisbane’s Top 10 reasons why!

It’s official: National Geographic Traveler has ranked Brisbane’s very own German Festival one of the Top 10 Oktoberfests celebrated around the world!  Our authentic “spread of entertainment” rates highly, underscored by the exacting attention to all the finest details of the event which has been a hallmark of the founding families’ efforts over the years.  Without wanting to blow our own Flugelhorn (that’s the band’s fun job!), here’s 10 good reasons why.

10. The entertainment

D2C1_8952-edit-highOutdoors: truly something for all ages, from the carnival rides (for little kids and not-so-little ‘kids’!) to the gleaming line-up of German automotive excellence that is Autofest, and the ever-popular Torwandschiessen – the ‘Go for Goal’ German ball-kicking game with a specially-made goal wall unique in Australia.  Indoors, it’s a veritable feast with yodelling echoing across Bowen Hills and cowbell-ringing and fancy footwork enchanting the audience.  Ladies are in the running to be crowned Miss Oktoberfest, and gentlemen have their moment of tonsorial glory in the annual Beardmeister awards.  The feats-of-strength contest is open to all would-be Bavarians – at least, those who haven’t worn themselves out on the dancefloor, trying to keep up with the boys in the band!

9. The ambience

Oktoberfest-Marketsquare-D6C1_2251-e1Darkness descends above the fairy-lights strung between the trees in the Biergarten on a balmy evening at the end of a sunny Spring day at the festival.  The Marktplatz is abuzz with conversation and catch-ups, and the whoops and yells from the carnival carry across the crowd.  From inside the brightly-glowing main tent come the sounds of more revelry – musical instruments being blown to their limits and thousands of feet stomping the dancefloor, accompanied by waves of infectious laughter.  Guests weave their way through the authentic Munich bistro tables with plates and trays of delicious food, mingling at the many stalls and tents.

8. The iconic tent

Oktoberfest DancingDwarfing everything is the enormous Oktoberfest Brisbane tent – a mountain of blue-and-white fabric and bunting, complete with chandeliers, suspended 3m-wide wreaths, and decorations accurate down to the finest detail.  (Make sure you look up when you’re at the bar – those exquisite lamp-shades are modelled on those found in traditional German restaurants, but were designed and made exclusively for Oktoberfest Brisbane.)  The Alpine panorama across the end wall of the tent was manufactured in, and imported from, Germany!

7. The German connections

07.Connections_0.1a OS FC full size 300RGB_NEW_THUMBOn the other side of the Marktplatz, inside the German connections tent,  you will find an eclectic collection of merchandise, souvenirs, books and clothing to stimulate your ‘inner German’.  From fabulous Schnucki outfits (if they haven’t sold out, you might find something to buy and slip into!) to educational reading and cuckoo clocks, there’s a fascinating array of products and services on offer. Here is where you can engage with other visitors’ inner Germans too, with a range of demonstrations, shows and activities – just check the Oktoberfest Brisbane program!

6. The little corner of Bavaria

Oktoberfest-VIP-D5C1_0756-e1On one side of the dancefloor in the main tent, the intricate woodwork and timber panelling denotes the Bayrisches Eck – the Bavarian Corner which hosts the festival’s pre-booked VIP tables.  The raised seating area matches that found in Munich, and the tableware itself could not be more authentic – it’s all imported from Germany especially for our festival, along with the customised Lebkuchenherzen (gingerbread hearts) which are such a signature Oktoberfest Brisbane touch (if you need a hand translating any of the iced-lettering messages, you’re sure to find some willing helpers!).  Guests of the Bavarian Corner enjoy a special Brettl (traditional foodplatter) of hot and cold delicacies, breads, pretzels and nibbles.

5. The food – natürlich!

D5C1_1366_WebOkay then – now we get to the food (well, you need to work up an appetite, no?).  Those mouthwatering aromas which have been tantalising your senses since you walked through the gates need to be located, sampled and devoured.  What you will find are typical, authentic, German folk festival foods on offer by stallholders who are universally of German or Austrian ancestry, each with a culinary speciality that is just awaiting your discovery (or your re-acquaintance, if you have fond memories of last year!).  Cakes, pastries and waistline-enhancing confectionery are part of it – naturlich! –just as much as the wholesome, filling staples such as meat, vegetables, smallgoods, sausages, potatoes and salads.

4. The beverages – Prost!

Tucher-stein-Tuba-Oktober11102013_08-e1How could we not need a drink after such a journey!  Our good friends at the 340-year-old Tucher Brewery in Nürnberg make a lager and wheat beer each year just for us – these are not available anywhere else in the world (not even in Germany!).  Our Dunkel (dark) beer is hand-crafted on the Gold Coast by a master brewer trained in Bavaria.  That Oktoberfest Brisbane stein you may be drinking from was specially designed and manufactured in Australia to original German specifications.  This year we’re proud to introduce you to the tastes of three wines from Brogsitter, their grapes sourced from the river valleys of the Rhine, Moselle and Saar.  Of course, the festival is about much, much more than beer and wine – there’s a wide range of non-alcoholic beverages on offer too – Prost!

3. The education

03.Education_OF-BNE_LL_posters_0475_PO_LARGE_NEW_THUMBWhile you’re ‘embracing your inner German’ you may find you want to communicate with another – just look around and take in the scene, sights and details: you are (if only for a day) immersed in a very German experience.  Pick up some language tips from the other guests or staff, perhaps find an interesting text or guidebook in the German connections tent … or talk to your new language tutor about some lessons – the possibilities are amazing!  And our annual ‘Oktoberfest for Teens’ event turns on an absorbing day’s activities and events for German-language students from across Queensland – this year we’re expecting more than 2,200 students and teachers from 55 schools (and we may even have a very special guest from Germany)!

2. The all-ages appeal

D5C2_6019-edit-highOktoberfest Brisbane is a German festival for visitors, guests and friends of all ages – just as it is for folk and family events across Germany, from Flensburg in the north to Berchtesgaden in the south.  That’s part of the timeless appeal of such a traditional event, when everyone from the town or village turned out wearing their ‘festive best’ to come together and celebrate good times.  (Some might say there’s a particular age when Lederhosen shouldn’t be worn, but – hey! – who are we to say?  If they fit and you feel good, then come along and get into the festival spirit!)

1. The families

Youngcare-D3C2_5088-e1Let’s complete the countdown by celebrating the hard-working families who are the founders of this amazing, globally-recognised event, and whose efforts make Oktoberfest Brisbane such a special day out for other families, from across Queensland, around Australia – or all over the world.  Theirs is a German-Australian partnership forged by a goal to bring you the most authentic and best Oktoberfest experience you will find outside Germany.  Let’s also take a moment to think of the other families and young people who are assisted by their efforts – Youngcare, the charity helping young people facing a range of challenges and accommodation issues, which has benefited over the years to the tune of many tens of thousands of dollars thanks to YOUR support of this great event!

Meet the boys in the band: Münchner Buam is back!

Six blokes, a dozen arms, legs and musical instruments, and more than 140 years of Oktoberfest experience between them – is there anything these boys can’t play, blow, strum, stomp, slap, wiggle, flap, fly or swim?

D6C1_1963-edit1“Possibly the tuba,” says one, “but that’s only because the airlines won’t allow one in our checked-in luggage.”  Pardon?  “Airlines” and “luggage” …?  “Ja, each year many of us are playing all around the Oktoberfest in Munich, and then we get on a plane and come straight out to get together at Oktberfest Brisbane – for almost a week, that trip is the only 24 hours when we’re not making music (and people happy)!”

Wow!  That shows some real, um, passion and commitment. “We’ve developed long and great friendships in Brisbane over the years, and it’s wonderful to see how Oktoberfest Brisbane grows – each year the visitors return and love hearing us play.  The atmosphere is incredible and it’s always so much fun to play to a tent full of people.”

How many?  “The highlights for us are the Saturdays when we have had around 9,000 visitors.”  You mean – Brisbane?  “Ja, ja!  That’s comparable to – and even a bit more than – an average Oktoberfest Munich tent, which holds around 7,000 people.  Each of us who have been coming to Brisbane since 2008 are amazed at the increase in visitors we experience each year – I think the total in 2013 was more than 36,000 visitors over the two weekends of the Brisbane festival.”


Pretty impressive figures there – you would have some of your own?  “Well, with almost 50 years’ experience at Oktoberfest Munich between us,  to that you can add another 30 years of German folk festivals we have played – and another 60 years of making German music for audiences elsewhere.”

That’s not all in Germany?  “We have played on every continent of the world, except South America and Antarctica.”  You’re kidding!  “No, no, neinwirklich! – as well as the three largest festivals in Germany (that’s Munich, Stuttgart and Hamburg), we have played in some amazing places, from France and Spain to Taiwan and Thailand.  Even Angola and Siberia!  One of the few times we are all together as a band is each year when we come to Brisbane.”

Phew.  But they can’t all have  been return performances, year after year – why Brisbane, and how does ours compare with the original and best?

D2C1_9080-edit1“Well, if you look at the Oktoberfest Brisbane tent and what’s happening inside, then that’s actually pretty close to the real Munich experience.  Sure, Munich has a much bigger carnival outside, but then, you have had your ‘Ekka’ on the same Showgrounds only some weeks before.  What has really impressed us – and is one of the other reasons why we love returning each year – is the management and organisation of your festival:  really personal and very friendly, and yet totally professional and very authentic in the experience it delivers.”

Let’s hear it for “Anzapfen”!

AnzapfenOn Friday 10th Oktober, it’s time to close off the working week, open the gates at Brisbane Showgrounds and embrace your inner German. The “Anzapfen” – the ceremonial tapping of the first keg by the Lord Mayor – marks the official opening of Oktoberfest Brisbane 2014.

Gates open at 4:00pm, and you’ll want to be ready with your pre-booked tickets, so you can secure a ringside space in the gi-normous Bavarian-blue-and-white tent when the festivities begin at 4:30pm.

After the revelries begin and the buzz of the crowd grows louder, it’s time to look around at the other festival entertainment – and Oktoberfest Brisbane’s “Freebie F-Ride-days” are just the ticket!

Friday evenings at Oktoberfest Brisbane are a great way to wind up your working week – or unwind it, go for a spin, or roll around in circles.

Oktoberfest-FunEvent-D2C3_7556-edit1All our carnival rides on Friday 10th and Friday 17th are free (included in the festival admission price) so bring your mates from work and head on out for a fun-filled night at the German Festival.

Put all that office ‘team work’ nonsense aside and get behind the wheel at the Dodgems. It’s a crazy, laughter-filled wham-bam experience, sure to release all the week’s tensions.  If it seemed like the week was just ‘all downhill’ from Monday, you can really slide off the end on the Waverider – as many times as you like, until you’ve got it out of your system!

Oktoberfest-Rides-D6C3_8010-e1Want to let your hair down (or feel the breeze through your Beardmeister!) …?

Climb aboard the Octopus – that interminable meeting you had to sit through on Tuesday just won’t seem so bad any more.  And, if you felt like you were going round in circles trying to get those Sales figures together – HAH!  Strap yourself in to the Rok’n’Roll and put a whole new spin on things!

All that swooping, whooping, smash-bang laughing is sure to sharpen your Friday night appetite.

IMG_0558-edit1With the working week now just a memory, simply follow your nose across the Oktoberfest Brisbane Market Square to the mouthwatering array of authentic German food and drink stalls.  Schnitzels, burgers, Bratwurst, pretzels, potatoes, sausages and sauerkraut await – and many more tasty offerings besides!

While you’re ‘embracing your inner German’ on Oktoberfest Brisbane’s “Freebie F-Ride-days” this year, you can also bring out the big kid inside you (and then – natürlich! – feed your inner German).

CAR LOVERS: on your (Deutsch) Marques … get set … SHOW!

Lovers of German automotive excellence – and, frankly, car buffs from all backgrounds anywhere – will be drooling over more than the mouth-watering aromas wafting from the food stalls on the final Sunday of Oktoberfest Brisbane 2014.

On Sunday 19th in Brisbane’s own “Munich Biergarten” festival visitors can feast their senses on (and kindly refrain from salivating over!) a sparkling range of all-German automobiles, proudly displayed by their owners and car clubs from around South-East Queensland.

Last year’s inaugural “Autofest” was such a hit, it’s back with an even bigger and better line-up planned for this year. Whether it’s the latest in dazzling technology or a breathtaking vintage classic, there’s sure to be something on four wheels to make even the hardest heart on two legs go weak at the knees!

Come and join the admiring audience of other German automobile afficionados at this special annual event. Who knows? You might even meet the German love of your (driving) life at Autofest 2014.

Autofest is included in the final Sunday admission to the German Festival, so make sure you don’t miss this unique attraction: gates open at 11:00AM and close – finally for another Oktoberfest Brisbane year – at 8:00PM (last entry at 7:00PM).

Autofest 2014 the second annual All-German Marque car display at Oktoberfest Brisbane



BROGSITTER brings Brisbane tastebuds alive with 400 years of expertise

Wine connoiseurs Down Under may not be familiar with the name, but we are confident Oktoberfest Brisbane 2014 guests will really enjoy an introduction! Exclusive to this year’s German Festival are three exquisite drops from Weingut Brogsitter – a wine-making family with a heritage stretching back more than four centuries – that are sure to titivate your tastebuds and partner perfectly with some of the rich range of food sensations on offer.

PowerPoint-PräsentationFeel like an aperitif to tickle the tongue and excite your appetite? Start your culinary German journey with a bubbly glass of Brogsitter’s ‘Astoria Riesling Sekt Brut’ – this light, fresh sparkling wine honours the very best of Riesling tradition with a light-hearted kick-of-its-heels in the direction of New York’s glamorous Waldorf-Astoria Hotel. Just ask for the Astoria!

(TIPP! If you’re sitting at one of the Bavarian VIP tables, this will be a delightful accompaniment to your delicious ‘Brettl’ platter of meats, cheeses and nibbles.)

BROG_Hochgewaechs_Riesling_90dpiRGBYour next destination might be the rolling hills and river valleys of the Moselle and the Saar … and your heart may be won by the peachy aroma and pale golden-yellow colour of Brogsitter’s fruity Riesling. You might need to practise saying its name before you order a glass, because ‘Hochgewächs’ (pronounced “Hoch-Ge-Vecks”) is a German classification for Riesling wines of outstanding quality.

(TIPP! This will complement a schnitzel that’s to-die-for, or a scrumptious salad or one of the many tasty potato, or gluten-free, menu options on offer.)

PowerPoint-PräsentationReady for ‘the big league’? You should visit the younger vineyards of the Rhine-Hessen region and make the acquaintance of Brogsitter’s ‘Terra Noir Dornfelder’ – and be prepared to fall in love all over again. The deep magenta colour will entrance you, the rich cherry and elderberry aromas will seduce you, and the realisation that Germany has kept this Dornfelder grape variety such a secret for the past 60 years will amaze you!

(TIPP!  This   …  this   …   We had to stop looking at pictures of pork knuckles and plates full of sauerkraut and meat and vegetables and …   Entschuldigung [Sorry!]   …   … where were we?)

P8050278-Ahrtal_Moeller_90dpi_RGBWe’re still looking out across the steeply-terraced slopes and craggy escarpments of the picturesque Ahr River valley – on the western banks of the Rhine, between Cologne and Coblenz – where many of Brogsitter’s grapes are grown and where their superlative wines are made.

The Brogsitter wines to be presented at Oktoberfest Brisbane have been specially selected for their sound quality and pleasant drinking in South-East Queensland’s warm Spring weather. Riesling lovers, especially, are in for a delightful surprise with a taste of the Hochgewächs (better start practising now!). Germans love their Rieslings and this is a stellar example of “die Kunst der Wein” (‘the art of the grape’) – rich fruit and flavour with a classic crisp finish.

And Brogsitter should know: its roots in the Ahr Valley can be traced back through the family’s generations to 1600 – even earlier still!  You see, at this year’s German Festival, you’re not simply tasting 400 years of wine-making excellence – you will also be savouring the fruits of more than 700 years of gastronomic hospitality.

P8050282-Sanct-Peter_90dpi-RGBVisitors to Germany continue to be enraptured by the dining experience at Brogsitter’s Gasthaus Sanct Peter, which has been introducing guests, delicious foods and fine wines to each other since the year 1246 AD!

In the year 2014 we look forward to introducing you, your family and your friends to these different tastes of Gemany at Oktoberfest Brisbane. Please join us – your tastebuds are sure to thank you!


Attention, ‘Meine Herren’ – Beardmeister time is almost here!

BeardsYou have less than seven weeks to put the finishing touches to your fabulous facial follicles before Oktoberfest Brisbane presents the second annual Beardmeister Competition.

This year, the event is held on the evening of the second Friday of the Festival (17th October) – so you can check out the competition from rival beards and moustaches right from the official opening the weekend before. Beardmeister was a hotly-contested addition to the line-up of Oktoberfest Brisbane entertainment when it debuted in 2013 – as you can see from these fotos!

Presented in association with the Beard Alliance and Gold Coast Facial Hair Club, this real crowd-pleaser honours a long tradition of beard and moustache appreciation, from Germany and Alpine Europe to South East Queensland. There are beard and moustache championships held around the world, with judging across no less than 17 internationally-defined categories.*

Here, we focus on three, and beard and moustache experts from the Gold Coast Facial Hair Club will judge each competitor in these categories. The Oktoberfest Brisbane audience will have its say in voting for the ‘festival favourite’ and an overall Grand Champion will then be judged.

Watch beards and moustaches battle it out – hair on hair – for a chance to coil their curls around the illustrious plaques presented to the Beardmeisters of:

  • Natural Moustache
    A category for purists. This emphasises moustaches au naturel. Styled, yes, but no fancy gels or the like in sight!
  • Natural Full Beard
    Just like the Natural Moustache, but with the beard integrated, grown and tenderly nurtured to perfection.  A must-see for lovers of facial hair!
  • Freestyle
    Letting creative and fashion flair run free, competitors can go wild use whatever it takes to style and gel their beards/moustaches into amazing works of facial art.


All entrants must be over 18 on competition day (fast-growing 17-year-olds will have a full year’s head-start on the next Oktoberfest Brisbane Beardmeister comp – but you may have to talk to your parents and school first!).  Read the competition details here.

A ‘beard’ it seems, is more than ‘just a beard’ – this contest is seriously hairy stuff!  Finalists will receive acclaim beyond their wildest dreams, prizes sponsored from Gold Coast Facial Hair Club and a perpetual Trophy for the Grand Champion.

The 2014 World Championships are due to be held in Portland, Oregon in the USA a week after the close of Oktoberfest Brisbane, so we quite understand if our Beardmeister winners have a plane to catch! Find out more here.