Friday, 11 Oktober

If you experienced it last year, then you’ll know exactly why ‘Anzapfen’ is a highlight at Oktoberfest Brisbane.

This tradition has been celebrated at Oktoberfest in Munich for a century, with the city’s Lord Mayor tapping the first keg of beer and offering the first stein of beer to the Head of State, announcing “O’zapft is” {“It is tapped”}.

Alongside a raft of VIP’s for this ceremonious event as the Brisbane Lord Mayor Graham Quirk helps get the two-week Oktoberfest Brisbane celebration underway!

We’ve been privileged to have Lord Mayor, Graham Quirk, tap our first keg in 2008 and tapped the keg again in 2018, only took 3 taps!

Here’s a list of the past keg tappers at Oktoberfest Brisbane’s Anzapfen:

2019- Adrian Schrinner (2 taps)

2018 – Graham Quirk (3 taps)

2017 – Graham Quirk (2 taps)

2016 – Graham Quirk (6 taps)

2015 – Graham Quirk

2014 – Graham Quirk

2013 – Graham Quirk

2012 – Graham Quirk

2011 – Councillor Julian Simmonds

2010 – Councillor Andrew Wines

2009 – Campbell Newmann

2008 – Councillor Graham Quirk

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