German Week in Brisbane

For the fourth year, the Honorary Consul in Brisbane is continuing ‘Brisbane German Week’ and invites all Brisbanites to experience the best of Germany! Initiated by the Honorary Consul Prof Michael Rosemann in 2016, Brisbane German Week has grown to be a significant event in Brisbane’s yearly events calendar.

This year, spanning across two weeks from the 1st of Oktober to the 11th Oktober 2019, Brisbane will again showcase its educational, scientific, economic, political and cultural connections to Germany in cooperation with schools, universities, businesses and numerous other organisations with an affiliation to Germany. It’s a great opportunity to recognise the many contributions of Germans to Brisbane and a chance to highlight the great German programs in schools and organisations across the country.

Here are the details of the 2019 German Week:

Day 1 (01/10/19): Excursion to “German Station”

Day 2 (02/10/19): German History Day

Day 3 (03/10/19): German National Day Concert

Day 4 (04/10/19): Evening of German Literature

Day 5 (07/10/19): Language Competition

Day 6 (08/10/19): German Business Day

Day 7 (09/10/19): Science and Innovation

Day 8 (10/10/19): German Movie Night

Day 10 (11/10/19): Oktoberfest Brisbane – Anzapfen

Check out all the details of the week on the 2019 German Week website HERE

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