2018 Dates and Location TBD

FREE EVENT! Food, Drinks, Stalls and Human Foosball

To celebrate the official opening of the Brisbane German Week and to kick off the 10th Oktoberfest Brisbane, we are proud to announce OKTOBERPOLE is coming to Brisbane!

On Oktober 1st, King George Square will be transforming into a German celebration, with the raising of Germany’s traditional Maypole for the first time ever in Australia. Re-named OKTOBERPOLE to represent the seasonal transition and change of hemisphere as it arrives in Brisbane, Oktoberfest Brisbane Director’s Kim and Boris Zoulek are excited to bring more Bavarian tradition to Australia ahead of a big month of activity for the German community.

After travelling to Langengeisling, Germany to attend the raising of the Maypole – or Maibaum as it’s traditionally recognised – earlier this year, Kim and Boris decided it was time to incorporate this rich tradition into Oktoberfest Brisbane’s offering. Three months later, a fresh tree cut near Langengeisling and a boat trip across oceans, OKTOBERPOLE has arrived safe and sound in Brisbane and the festivities are ready to begin!

OKTOBERPOLE will be taking place on Oktober 1st in King George Square, honouring the tradition by raising the pole in front of the Town Hall by the Burschenverein (Young Farmers Association) – 9 of our friends that have travelled from Langengeisling, Germany to celebrate it’s inaugural raising in Brisbane. With a 10am start, Oktoberfest Brisbane will be serving up traditional entertainment as we in conjunction with the German Consulate, officially welcome OKTOBERPOLE to Brisbane. With food, drinks, music and Human Foosball also on offer, we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate the opening of Oktoberfest Brisbane and the commencement of the Brisbane German Week 2017.

Want to be a part of history? We are looking for some Bavarian Strongmen to help us lift the pole! Apply for your spot on the team HERE!

Who are these 9 guys who have traveled all this way to help us? Meet the Burschenverein Langengeisling HERE

Join the family!