Weißwurst Frühstück {Bavarian Breakfast}

Experience Oktoberfest Brisbane like a local

Immerse yourself in the most authentic of Bavarian customs, the Bavarian breakfast known as Weißwurst Frühstück.

The Weißwurst Frühstück {Bavarian Breakfast}  is back again for this year’s Festival and will take place on both Saturdays. It includes two delicately flavoured, plump white sausages made from minced veal, pork back bacon, herbs and spices that have been gently simmered in hot water. These are served with a freshly–baked Brezn {Pretzel} studded with salt and a slather of sweet mustard, traditionally washed down with a Wheat beer. You’ll find this traditional breakfast featured on menus across Bavaria and now you can delight in the experience at Oktoberfest Brisbane.

Kim and Boris have hosted this breakfast for their close friends and family every year at the Festival. No matter how busy they are, or how long their to-do lists, they step away from the hustle and bustle of Festival life for one hour with no interruptions. The meal gives them a chance to share food with their loved ones and take pleasure in the present moment. This cultural ritual helps them stay connected to their German roots throughout the Festival and it adds authenticity to their Festival experience.

Join Kim and Boris Saturday mornings between 11am and 12:30pm in the Bayrisches Eck {Bavarian Corner} and treat yourself to a Traditional Bavarian Breakfast including 2 Weißwurst {white veal sausages}, sweet mustard, pretzel and a Weissbier {wheat beer}!

Tickets are needed for the Bavarian Breakfast so be sure to pre-Book with your Festival ticket or click here to secure your spot. Bavarian Breakfast ticket holders will need a valid festival ticket for entry.

The history of Weißwurst Frühstück {Bavarian Breakfast}

Legend has it, these fat, juicy sausages were created by a happy accident in 1857 (you can read more detail about how it happened in this blog post). A young butcher named Sepp Moser had crowds eagerly waiting for their breakfast sausages on Fasching Sunday (which is the final Sunday during the last three days of the carnival season in Munich). Only there was a problem… he had run out of the sheep casing he used as his sausage skins. Improvising, he used a thinner pork casing instead and gently simmered the meat in hot water to stop the skin from bursting open in the pan. The meal quickly became a favourite with the customers and the speciality dish is now an important Bavarian tradition. It should be eaten before the noon bells toll because the meat used was perishable and there were no refrigerators in 1857 to store them.

Whether the legend is true or not, there is an etiquette to serving and enjoying this morning delicacy. The sausages are delivered to your table in their own cooking water along with a Brezn {Pretzel} and sweet mustard (which is for the sausages, not the bread). The sausage skin is not for eating and there are a number of ways to remove it: you can peel it back, cut it off with your knife or you can eat it the traditional way and Zuzeln {suck} the meat right out of its skin.

However you choose to eat yours, this is the best way to begin your Oktoberfest Brisbane experience.

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