Oktoberfest Brisbane 2020 – Vendors

Want to be a Vendor at Oktoberfest Brisbane?

Vendor Expressions of Interest are now open for the 2020 festival.

As of 1 May, Oktoberfest Brisbane is still making plans for a 2020 festival while keeping a close eye on any developing government enforced changes and outcomes based on COVID-19.

We invite you to submit an Expression of Interest to be a vendor at Oktoberfest Brisbane 2020 using the below form and you will be contacted by our vendor team.

Details on being a vendor at Oktoberfest Brisbane:

General Information

Event Dates: Okt 9-11 & 16-18

Cashless Festival

As per last year, Oktoberfest Brisbane 2020 will be a completely cashless Festival.  Vendors will have access again to either handheld or tablet POS, the same used at last year’s Festival, that will store your menu and pricing.

RFID wristbands are issued to all patrons entering the site, they can access their digital wallet prior to entering the Festival to load credit onto their wristbands, or they can do it while on site at Top Up Stations (credit, debit or cash), Self-Serve Top Up Stations, or Roaming Top Up Stations. Festival goer’s will also be able to set up Auto Top Up so they are never short. Maximum Top up amount is $5000.  Vendors will again have access to itemised reports via a vendor logo on so you can keep track of sales.

Training material for vendors will be issued closer to the Festival.

Festival Trading Hours

Fridays 1600hr – 0000hr

Saturdays 1100hr – 0000hr

Sundays 1100hr – 2000hr

German Connections Area Trading Hours

Fridays 1600hr – 2200hr

Saturdays 1100hr – 2200hr

Sundays 1100hr – 1900hr

German Connections Vendor site needs to be open on all days and times of the Festival as stated above.

Food Vendor minimum service hours

Fridays 1600hr – 2300hr

Saturdays 1100hr – 2300hr

Sundays 1100hr – 1900hr

Non-Food Vendor minimum opening hours

Fridays 1600hr – 2200hr

Saturdays 1100hr – 2200hr

Sundays 1100hr – 1900hr

Bump In

From Thursday 8th October – all setup has to be finished latest on Friday 9th at 2pm

Bump Out

From 8:30pm Sunday 18th and Monday 19th October

Environmentally Friendly

Oktoberfest Brisbane 2020 again will be a 100% Biodegradable/Recyclable site – fully compostable, no more single use plastic, replaced with Bamboo plates/bowls & Wooden knives/forks and recyclable materials.

Need additional information before applying? Feel free to email us at vendors@OktoberfestBrisbane.com.au

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