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Is this too good to be true? Are you seriously going to give me a trip to Germany? The answer, Yes! And just to show we’re serious, our winner last year was Tarni. Here is what she had to say about her trip to Germany with her partner Jack:

“Thanks to Oktoberfest Brisbane, Weekend Edition and a stroke of luck I was fortunate enough to go on a trip of a lifetime to Germany. A trip that took me through one thousand year old cathedrals and strolling along timeworn cobblestone streets. To discovering beer gardens the size of football fields and tantalising our taste buds with culinary treats that I never would have imagined. It was a look into the history of Europe. I went to Germany and I loved it. Here’s how it all began.  

We departed from Brisbane Airport with Singapore Airlines around midday and arrived in Munich 23 hours later. When I stepped outside of the Airport, I was in awe by the grandeur of the architectural structure resembling a giant aircraft hanger. We took the train into Central Station. Outside we saw long green pastures, traditional German farmhouses and windmills stretched across the landscape. I was, however, very jetlagged. Exploring would have to wait as sleeping was the first thing on the agenda. We arrived at our Hotel, The Royal Bavarian, which was conveniently right next to the metro station. The hotel left us feeling like we had fallen down into the world of Alice in Wonderland. The interior was all kinds of quirky wackiness, and I loved every bit of it. As we left the hotel and walked about 300 meters following posted signs to the Old Town, we found ourselves standing next to a 900-year-old church named St. Peter’s.  

(St. Peter’s)

Everywhere we looked there was another building surprising us with its Grand architecture. You soon get a feel for the Bavarian style of things. Giant pretzels, sausages and delis filled with freshly baked goods. Streets cornered by performers dressed in traditional German attire reciting Bavarian Hymns. It was great and easy to get into the swing of things. There were many outstanding sites to visit in Munich, as we did our best to see what interested us the most.  The highlight being Nymphenburg Palace. This grand palace was built for the Prince of Bavaria.  As we paid the small fee and walked inside we were amazed by the religious fresco adorning the walls from ceiling to floor. We visited around 20 of the 100 rooms. Each room had an artefact worth admiring. Outside was a beautiful garden that seemed to never end. The Bavarian prince spared no expense. This was our introduction to German Aristocracy at its finest and I was blown away.  

(Nymphenburg Palace)

On a side note. I would like to add that I suffer from Celiac Disease; this means that I cannot ingest Gluten. Now you might think coming to the land of beer, pretzels, breads and other wheat based delights that this would be a difficult hindrance. It wasn’t. Germany is very in touch with the growing dietary preferences, or in my case, requirements and catered to my every need. That night we enjoyed a lovely Bavarian meal as we watched the sunset at 9:00pm over a beer garden. Our next stop was the holiday town made famous by the winter Olympics, Garmisch Partenkirchen. I was very excited to visit this town as the pictures looked amazing. But it was so much more than I expected.  

As we took the train from Munich to Garmisch, the landscape began to change. It didn’t take long before the rolling snowcapped Alps appeared through the clouds and we would arrive in the town of Garmisch. Everywhere we looked we saw these gigantic mountains towering over us. The town itself was complete with wooden cottages and a flowing crystal clear river through the centre. There were no buildings exceeding two stories. Tourists and locals alike would rush past on mountain bikes visiting the various attractions speckled across the landscape. It truly was a fairy-tale town. On our first day we rented bikes and explored the town. It would take roughly an hour and a half to bike around quickly. But to take in the shops, beer halls and old buildings – trying not to be distracted by the beautiful surroundings – it would take us half a day to see everything.  On our second day in Garmisch we ventured out to visit the Partnach Gorge, a natural monument in Garmisch.

(Partnach Gorge)

Once upon a time, visitors trying to walk through the gorge risked their lives, but nowadays we can take a safe path and admire wild waterfalls, water rapids and tranquil water basins. We started our journey at the Olympic Skiing Stadium where we were taken on a romantic horse-drawn carriage to the start of our hike. Upon reaching the other side of the natural pathway the water had carved we were treated by a spectacular view of the Bavarian Alps in their entire splendour. Our time in Garmisch was up and we were ready to move on to our next stop.  


Nuremberg. Nuremberg is a medieval city situated in Bavaria and at one stage it was referred to as the ‘unofficial capital’ of the Holy Roman Empire. It has a rich history that spans over 1000 years. The Old Town, which is the main attraction, is roughly a ten-minute walk from the train station. Once inside its walls you will be treated to street performers and café fronts filled with tourists soaking up whatever sunlight available. We stayed at a lovely hotel called Hotel Drei Raben, which means ‘three ravens’ translated. In terms of positive reviews it was placed in the top 3 hotels in Germany and we could see why. Each room in this hotel tells a different story from the world of Nuremberg legend. From the Entrance to the old town the city gradually inclines up hill, with a group of medieval buildings on top dominating over the historical centre. This was the Nuremberg Castle. As you walk towards the Castle you can encounter various other attractions. When you reach the highest viewpoint of the Castle and look out you are treated with a delightful sight of the medieval town below us. We felt like we were glancing into the past. Nuremberg was the perfect addition to the trip. I’d recommend visiting this Imperial City as it plays an important role in the history of Germany. 


Next on our itinerary was Rudesheim am Rhine. A small town situated on the banks of the Rhine River, surrounded by hillsides covered in grapes. It is a winemaking town and has been for at least 900 years. Our hotel was one lane over from the famous Drosselgasse. All day long tourists stroll up and down this narrow street sampling German beers and trying the delicious funnel cakes on offer. We rented bikes from our hotel and rode around the town.

(Rudesheim am Rhine)

The mighty Rhine River is hard to ignore and treated us with a lovely sunset as paddleboats passed by and fisherman docked their vessels. We were spoilt with a three-course meal from our hotel. The atmosphere of the hotel restaurant was electric, as a band filled the room with traditional Bavarian music. It was the nicest dining experiences my partner and I had ever had together, the ingredients tasted like they were of the highest quality. Lovely locally made wine made the night one we would never forget.  

We are forever thankful for receiving our trip and made the most of every place we visited. Our 9 Days in Germany came quickly to an end. We continued our travels to Austria and Czech Republic for another 3 weeks. Encountering many wonderful people and things along the way. I am forever thankful for the opportunity to visit Germany and we will never forget our adventure to Europe.”

Tarni & Jack

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