From Pretzels to Pork Knuckles, all you can eat at Oktoberfest Brisbane

The food at Oktoberfest Brisbane is one of the best ways to experience true authentic German culture, as well as other Eastern European cultures! Thousands of mouths get to explore the flavours of our baked pretzels, tasty German sausages, scrumptious desserts and many other treats. So, to remind your mouths and hungry bellies of the delicious food they will get to enjoy, here’s a snapshot of some of the wonderful food stalls you will see at this year’s Festival.

The Haxen

The Haxen will be serving hungry Germans (and Brisbanites) their annual fix of roast pork knuckles, roast pork loin and chicken dishes using the traditional German method. One of many perfect ways to experience true German delicacies!

Crunchy’s Waffles

Crunchy’s serves house-made Belgium & Dutch foods on public & private events across South East Queensland in their iconic Double Decker Bus. They’ll be stopping by to show your hungry eyes their delicious Belgian treats.

King of Cakes

Experience European baking at its finest. King of Cakes brings delicious treats, much-needed coffee, and those delicious Brezn {Pretzels} to Oktoberfest Brisbane. You can also visit the ‘King of Cakes Gingerbread Heart Stand’ for delicious desserts, such as their edible gingerbread heart decorations.

German Sausage Hut

The German Sausage Hut offers ‘genuine’ German Sausages straight from the grill. Served hot in a wood-fired grill, on a fresh roll with German Mustard and Sauerkraut. The German Sausage Hut is a well known meeting point for sausage lovers.

The Potato Barn

It will be a hard decision choosing between our delicious Tornado Potato, Baked Potato or our mouth watering Tater Tots topped with cheese & more cheese!


Experience all your German favourites from mouth watering Burgers to delicious Schnitzels! They even cater for gluten free, vegan and ‘Fish’ options.


Hierba Santa Organic Ice Tea

Enjoy Organic Herbal infusions from our Aztecs ancestors & Native Cultures from around the world to heal and refresh your body and your soul.

German Street Kitchen

Bring your friends and family to the German Street Kitchen, where hungry bellies can be fed with a Spit Roast Whole Pork on Charcoal Rotisserie, or a Spit Roast Traditional Schweinebraten, a Bavarian Classic Pork Roast.

Snow Cones

Enjoy a snow cone with a variety of colourful flavours!

Charlee’s Nuts

Bringing a hallmark of European food culture Down Under. You will hardly find a food market in Austria or Germany without this mouthwatering sweet treats. Enjoy Australian-grown, caramelised nuts in a delicate sugar coating freshly prepared for Oktoberfest Brisbane!

Götzinger Garten

For over 120 years, Götzinger Smallgoods has been producing the finest European Sausages. The craft of Götzinger has been handed down through generations, consistently producing the highest quality smallgoods. At Oktoberfest Brisbane, check out their ‘Götzinger Garten’, where you can enjoy their ‘Gotzinger Tasting Platter’, consisting of delicious Gotzinger kabana, liverwurst, salami, olives, cheese and crackers and more.