Alles Gute zum Geburtstag Weißwurst!

The Weißwurst (white sausage) is a real Bavarian speciality.

According to legend, they served the first Weißwurst in the pub “Zum Ewigen Licht” on Munich’s Marienplatz, on February 22, 1857 (“Fasching Sunday”).

Created by a young butcher called Sepp Moser, this delicacy was discovered by accident. He was working in the kitchen of the restaurant (“Zum ewigen Licht”), next to his butcher’s shop. He had used the last of the thick sausage skin used to make the normal sausages. The guests in the restaurant were waiting for their meal, so to solve the problem he used the only other skin he had, which was thin. Filling the sausage, he worried that the skin would burst open during frying, so he put the sausages in hot water for 10 minutes to cook them.

When he served the “Weißwurst” to the guests, he was heaped with praise and congratulations. The Munich “Weißwurst” was born.

The original recipe which is still followed today, is made from minced veal, pork back bacon, herbs and spices.

Later, the Weißwurst, became known through customs at festivals such as the Oktoberfest or the Munich Karneval.