Meet Beer Matt


Matt Kirkegaard is one of Australia’s most experienced beer writers and presenters, having close to 15 years experience as a passionate beer advocate. In 2014 he was named Australia’s first beer writer of the year when he won the Media Trophy at the Australian International Beer Awards. We are lucky enough to call him family and our Official Beer Ambassador of Oktoberfest Brisbane.

Even with his background as a beer writer, Matt’s great passion is hosting beer dinners and tastings for the same reason that a picture is worth a thousand words – tasting great beers is much better than reading about them.


Matt has been working closely with Oktoberfest Brisbane for five years with the mission of changing Australian perceptions that Oktoberfest Brisbane is a drinking festival. One of the great things about beer, and one of the most significant, is the role that it plays is the social and cultural life of many countries, and Germany is a great example of this.

While beer is an important element of Oktoberfest Brisbane, the Bavarian cultural festival celebrates the important role that beer has played in the economic and cultural life of the German state much more than it celebrates the drinking of it.“I have been lucky to experience Oktoberfest in Munich, and the Brisbane event is as close to it as you can get,”  said Matt. “I really appreciate the effort they go to serve authentic Bavarian beers at the events, and to educate Australians about the beers and why they matter… and not just how good they taste.” This is what Matt celebrates too, and why he is such as passionate advocate for Oktoberfest Brisbane.


As we move closer to the Festival Matt will be joining us on our website to educate and invite us into the world of Oktoberfest Brisbane beer, other beverage offering as well as speak further on our inaugural Bavarian Brewing Competition. “The Bavarian Brewing Competition is another great initiative that is going to celebrate the best of Queensland brewing matched with the finest Bavarian traditions,” said Matt.

Stay tuned for more from our Official Beer Ambassador and make sure you say “Guten Tag” to him when you spot him at the Festival.