The German Sausage Hut

The Best ‘Wurst’ in Town!

Got a craving for cheese kransky, a desire for debreciner (pork sausage) or a longing for lashings of Sauerkraut? Well great news! The German Sausage Hut will be serving up their hearty German sausages at this year’s Oktoberfest Brisbane!

Established in 2002 by two passionate German food-lovers, the German Sausage Hut quickly turned into a well-known meeting point for all sausage lovers at major markets and events across Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.

SausagesEach year, at Oktoberfest Brisbane, Bratwurst (their bestseller), frankfurter, debreciner and cheese kransky are served straight from the sizzling-hot grill in a fresh roll with German mustard or tomato sauce and a generous helping of sauerkraut. Guten Appetit!

Then in 2013 Richy introduced his German Potato Barn serving up a selection of baked potatoes with a variety of toppings including the Austrian baked potato served with butter, beef goulash and sour cream. And what’s even better is that all their baked potato combinations, potato soups and potato tornado are gluten free!

http://www.fiba.comBaked potato with spicy debreciner sausage and melted cheese

Baked potato with hungarian goulash and sour creamAustralian vegetarian potato

Potato with german speck and spring onions on cream cheesePotatoes




Can’t wait till October for your sausage fix? Well you’re in luck because the German Sausage Hut has their traditional “Imbiss” cafe/bistro located on Burnett Lane in the CBD. Choose your meal from the large selection of sausages (either served in a bun or on a plate piled high with potato salad), or savour the goulash pies and rissoles. On Friday nights go all in and get a pork hock; a big, juicy pork knuckle with crunchy crackling surrounded by creamy mash and Sauerkraut. This dish is only available at The German Sausage Hut Imbiss on Friday nights and must be pre-ordered as it takes several hours to cook.

So sink your teeth into the German Sausage Hut’s offerings at this year’s Oktoberfest Brisbane!

German Sausage Hut at Oktoberfest Brisbane

German Potato Hut - Potato TornadoSausages at Oktoberfest Brisbane







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