BROGSITTER brings Brisbane tastebuds alive with 400 years of expertise

Wine connoiseurs Down Under may not be familiar with the name, but we are confident Oktoberfest Brisbane 2014 guests will really enjoy an introduction! Exclusive to this year’s German Festival are three exquisite drops from Weingut Brogsitter – a wine-making family with a heritage stretching back more than four centuries – that are sure to titivate your tastebuds and partner perfectly with some of the rich range of food sensations on offer.

PowerPoint-PräsentationFeel like an aperitif to tickle the tongue and excite your appetite? Start your culinary German journey with a bubbly glass of Brogsitter’s ‘Astoria Riesling Sekt Brut’ – this light, fresh sparkling wine honours the very best of Riesling tradition with a light-hearted kick-of-its-heels in the direction of New York’s glamorous Waldorf-Astoria Hotel. Just ask for the Astoria!

(TIPP! If you’re sitting at one of the Bavarian VIP tables, this will be a delightful accompaniment to your delicious ‘Brettl’ platter of meats, cheeses and nibbles.)

BROG_Hochgewaechs_Riesling_90dpiRGBYour next destination might be the rolling hills and river valleys of the Moselle and the Saar … and your heart may be won by the peachy aroma and pale golden-yellow colour of Brogsitter’s fruity Riesling. You might need to practise saying its name before you order a glass, because ‘Hochgewächs’ (pronounced “Hoch-Ge-Vecks”) is a German classification for Riesling wines of outstanding quality.

(TIPP! This will complement a schnitzel that’s to-die-for, or a scrumptious salad or one of the many tasty potato, or gluten-free, menu options on offer.)

PowerPoint-PräsentationReady for ‘the big league’? You should visit the younger vineyards of the Rhine-Hessen region and make the acquaintance of Brogsitter’s ‘Terra Noir Dornfelder’ – and be prepared to fall in love all over again. The deep magenta colour will entrance you, the rich cherry and elderberry aromas will seduce you, and the realisation that Germany has kept this Dornfelder grape variety such a secret for the past 60 years will amaze you!

(TIPP!  This   …  this   …   We had to stop looking at pictures of pork knuckles and plates full of sauerkraut and meat and vegetables and …   Entschuldigung [Sorry!]   …   … where were we?)

P8050278-Ahrtal_Moeller_90dpi_RGBWe’re still looking out across the steeply-terraced slopes and craggy escarpments of the picturesque Ahr River valley – on the western banks of the Rhine, between Cologne and Coblenz – where many of Brogsitter’s grapes are grown and where their superlative wines are made.

The Brogsitter wines to be presented at Oktoberfest Brisbane have been specially selected for their sound quality and pleasant drinking in South-East Queensland’s warm Spring weather. Riesling lovers, especially, are in for a delightful surprise with a taste of the Hochgewächs (better start practising now!). Germans love their Rieslings and this is a stellar example of “die Kunst der Wein” (‘the art of the grape’) – rich fruit and flavour with a classic crisp finish.

And Brogsitter should know: its roots in the Ahr Valley can be traced back through the family’s generations to 1600 – even earlier still!  You see, at this year’s German Festival, you’re not simply tasting 400 years of wine-making excellence – you will also be savouring the fruits of more than 700 years of gastronomic hospitality.

P8050282-Sanct-Peter_90dpi-RGBVisitors to Germany continue to be enraptured by the dining experience at Brogsitter’s Gasthaus Sanct Peter, which has been introducing guests, delicious foods and fine wines to each other since the year 1246 AD!

In the year 2014 we look forward to introducing you, your family and your friends to these different tastes of Gemany at Oktoberfest Brisbane. Please join us – your tastebuds are sure to thank you!