Cow bell-ringing, shoe-slapping entertainment right at your doorstep!

A German festival isn’t complete without soul-livening music and entertainment – and that’s why the line-up landing at Oktoberfest Brisbane makes it the biggest and best in Australia.

It’s deep inside the mammoth 3,500 square metre Oktoberfest Tent where bunting, music and merrymaking create an electric atmosphere that makes it very easy to embrace your inner German.

Here are three of the best entertainment acts you won’t want to miss:

Oktoberfest Brisbane Band

‘Münchner Buam’ – Bavarian Oompah band

Rainer and his 6-member folk band, Münchner Buam, have once again flown all the way from Bavaria to entertain the Brisbane crowd with traditional and modern classics like ‘In München steht ein Hofbräuhaus’, ‘Anton aus Tirol’, and ‘Flligerlied.

As the rhythmical sounds of a deep brass instrument and higher-pitched instruments beat through your veins, you’ll feel as though you’re in Bavarian heaven – and standing alongside your best mates it’ll be hard to resist the urge to dance.

Oktoberfest Brisbane Dance Group

Alpenrosen Dance Group

The Alpenrosen Dance Group celebrates an important and rather cool aspect of German culture with a repertoire including traditional dances from Upper Bavaria and Tyrol including the Shoe-Slapping {Schuhplattler} and the Ringing of the Cowbells {Kuh Glocken}

This all ages group demonstrates just how strong and proud Brisbane’s growing German community really is and fortunately it’ll all be on display for us to enjoy. Get ready to try your luck as some traditional German dancing!

Oktoberfest Brisbane Yodeller, Heidi

Yodeller Heidi

It’s about as far-removed as you can get from Nena’s famous 1983 classic “Neunundneunzig Luftballoons” when Heidi takes to the Oktoberfest Brisbane main stage.

Instead, marvel at her raw yodeling talent that takes you to the treetops of Germany’s mountains – and share the fun with your friends in the crowd sing-a-long.