Get Groomed at Oktoberfest Brisbane with Jimmy Rod’s and Triple M

Triple M Brisbane and Jimmy Rod’s Barbershop have teamed up to bring a Pop Up Barbershop to this year’s Oktoberfest.

Jimmy Rod’s Barbershop is known for bringing an authentic masculinity, camaraderie and style to the men’s grooming experience. Back in 2003, Jimmy Rod started the first shop in his chain of barbershops where men could come in to get a slick haircut and sharp sides. But he also wanted to create a place where men could relax, socialise, exchange jokes and chill out. Jimmy Rod’s and Triple M have brought this same experience and environment to Oktoberfest Brisbane.


Over the first weekend of the festival, the barbers were non-stop busy doing cuts on all the festival goers. Even one of our operations staff, Levi got his long luscious lock cut off in support of Youngcare (Levi hadn’t had his hair cut for 3 years!)


Levi before

Levi After

Levi After

Not only can you stop by, get groomed, and hang out- Triple M will be broadcasting live from Oktoberfest on Saturday, so this may be your chance to get your 10 seconds of fame- or at least say hi to the Triple M crew.

With all that going on, you don’t want to miss out! Make sure you stop by the Pop Up Barbershop located outside the main Oktoberfest Brisbane tent while you’re at the festival.