Karneval 2018

It’s Germany’s carnival season! It starts on the 11th day of November at exactly 11 minutes after 11 am and ends at the stroke of midnight on shroud Tuesday – also referred to as Fat Tuesday (the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday – the beginning of Lent). Brisbane’s only German Karneval party is about to kick off this coming Saturday at the German Club! You will be treated to live entertainment, Delicatessen, the biggest range of German beers, best dressed awards and even more…

The celebrations of Carnival (Karneval or Fasching) date back to the Middle Ages. Karneval festivals were celebrated by the Romans and ancient Egyptians. The word stems from the “carne vale” (Latin) which means “without meat” and is comparable to the Mardi Gras tradition of eating, drinking and merriment before the fasting season.

Affectionately termed the ‘fifth season’ starts in November but the main events come along in February each year including a women’s carnival day where women of the city wear fancy dress on their way to work followed by masked balls and parties at night.

The big day for Karneval in Germany is Rose Monday (also known as Shrove Monday) with its massive parades. The big Mardi Gras is on Shrove Tuesday.

Switzerland’s biggest carnival is Basler Fasnacht. Austria more commonly calls it Fasching like south and east Germany. The term Fasching is seen in Berlin and northern Germany. North West Germany says Karneval with Cologne being the most famous celebrators in Germany. Without a doubt the Carnival in Rio is the world’s most famous party.

Top 8 Carnival celebrations in the world

  • Carnival in Rio | Brazil
  • Notting Hill | UK
  • Mardi Gras | USA
  • Santa Cruz Carnaval | Tenerife
  • Carnevale di Venezia | Italy
  • Carnival | Trinidad & Tobago
  • Quebec Winter Carnival | Canada
  • Cologne Karneval | Germany

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