KIDS: here’s how to keep your parents entertained at Brisbane’s German Festival!

Oktoberfest-Dancing-D2C2_4789-e1First, and most important: keep one of them with you at all times.  Vie so?   Because not only will you be able to enter Oktoberfest Brisbane for FREE if you’re under 18, you can also show them how much fun there is for kids of all ages – especially the ‘big kids’ among us.

Second, just because they’re dressed up in colourful German outfits and being all ‘adult’ about the experience, doesn’t mean they can’t have their faces painted too.  (If they’ve gone the ‘full Trachten’ and embarrassed you that much just on the way to the Brisbane Showgrounds, the least you could do is return the favour after you arrive. They don’t have to know there’s no such thing as a Bavarian Mountain Lion!)  And who could resist sitting with some adorable baby animals – like the petting zoo (aaawww!) we’ve had at Oktoberfest Brisbane before – with a ‘cute factor’ off the scale at 101%.

Parents entertained at Brisbane’s German FestivalThird – well, we could go on, but it’s going to be much more fun for you to experience for yourself. You can join in everything from food-tasting and fashion parades to singing songs and learning some fun German dances. (Just watch the oldies try to get those steps worked out!) Everyone in the family, from little brothers to big sisters – yes, even old Onkel Fritz too – will find their arms pumping, sides splitting, knees lifting and feet tapping. And then they’ll probably step out onto the dance floor…!

Puppet Show

If you’re clever, you can always duck out and go visit the puppet shows in the classic German ‘Kasperl-theater’ but be warned: your folks are sure to notice if you start practising yodelling accompanied by cow-bells while they’re still trying to master the Chicken Dance. (Actually, probably everyone will notice but, hey, chances are they’ll be stomping around and having a ball too – don’t worry: that’s Oktoberfest Brisbane for you.)

Alpenrosen_D2C1_8974-edit1Remember we said you need to keep at least one adult with you? Well, there’s more good reasons why: when they get thirsty after all that exercise, you need to make sure they re-hydrate properly. (Work with us here, alright? There’s more fun to come, and you  need to make sure the folks sample one of our water bubblers: this is all about the kids having fun, so you have to keep an eye on them and make sure they’re keeping up with you.)

Because, when everyone’s thirst has been quenched it’s time to think about stomachs – and, ach, Bruder!, what a feast of options awaits! From savoury to sweet, hot, cold or sauerkraut, from soft, smooth and succulent to crunchy, tangy and zesty, there’s a whole German world of wonderful tastes and mouth-watering smells to savour. (TIPP! Don’t let your parents go overboard at just one of our stalls: make sure they leave enough room to enjoy ein bisschen something from each one of our delicious culinary outlets. They will thank you for it – just make sure you try the tasty foods they might have missed so you can tell them all about it!)