Let’s hear it for “Anzapfen”!

AnzapfenOn Friday 10th Oktober, it’s time to close off the working week, open the gates at Brisbane Showgrounds and embrace your inner German. The “Anzapfen” – the ceremonial tapping of the first keg by the Lord Mayor – marks the official opening of Oktoberfest Brisbane 2014.

Gates open at 4:00pm, and you’ll want to be ready with your pre-booked tickets, so you can secure a ringside space in the gi-normous Bavarian-blue-and-white tent when the festivities begin at 4:30pm.

After the revelries begin and the buzz of the crowd grows louder, it’s time to look around at the other festival entertainment – and Oktoberfest Brisbane’s “Freebie F-Ride-days” are just the ticket!

Friday evenings at Oktoberfest Brisbane are a great way to wind up your working week – or unwind it, go for a spin, or roll around in circles.

Oktoberfest-FunEvent-D2C3_7556-edit1All our carnival rides on Friday 10th and Friday 17th are free (included in the festival admission price) so bring your mates from work and head on out for a fun-filled night at the German Festival.

Put all that office ‘team work’ nonsense aside and get behind the wheel at the Dodgems. It’s a crazy, laughter-filled wham-bam experience, sure to release all the week’s tensions.  If it seemed like the week was just ‘all downhill’ from Monday, you can really slide off the end on the Waverider – as many times as you like, until you’ve got it out of your system!

Oktoberfest-Rides-D6C3_8010-e1Want to let your hair down (or feel the breeze through your Beardmeister!) …?

Climb aboard the Octopus – that interminable meeting you had to sit through on Tuesday just won’t seem so bad any more.  And, if you felt like you were going round in circles trying to get those Sales figures together – HAH!  Strap yourself in to the Rok’n’Roll and put a whole new spin on things!

All that swooping, whooping, smash-bang laughing is sure to sharpen your Friday night appetite.

IMG_0558-edit1With the working week now just a memory, simply follow your nose across the Oktoberfest Brisbane Market Square to the mouthwatering array of authentic German food and drink stalls.  Schnitzels, burgers, Bratwurst, pretzels, potatoes, sausages and sauerkraut await – and many more tasty offerings besides!

While you’re ‘embracing your inner German’ on Oktoberfest Brisbane’s “Freebie F-Ride-days” this year, you can also bring out the big kid inside you (and then – natürlich! – feed your inner German).