Meet the band


This year we are excited to welcome back the German melodies of Münchner Buam. Collectively, the band has over 149 years of Oktoberfest and German Folk Festival experience and they’ll be bringing their keyboard, guitar, drums, and of course the Flügelhorn back with them to entertain festival goers each day. Some of their players have just finished playing in the Munich Oktoberfest tents. It was a good warm up for Oktoberfest Brisbane.

Münchner Buam will be playing the hits from the Munich Oktoberfest, songs that go around the world with them and most everyone can sing along to. They’ve said that playing the hits that include some sort of movement (such as ‘the Fliegerlied’ and ‘Rock mi’) allow the festival-goers to have “immense fun joining in with these songs”.


Münchner Buam has played in Munich, Stuttgart, Hamburg – at the largest three folk festivals in Germany. Warsaw (Poland), Bordeaux (France), Milan (Italy), Saragossa (Spain), Irkutsk (Siberia, Russia), Minsk (Belarus), Helsinki (Finland), Angola, Taiwan, Thailand, and Lauderdale (USA) and we’re excited to bring them back to Brisbane for this year’s Oktoberfest! So get your dancing shoes ready and hit the floor with your best moves.