“OktoberfEAST” – German-Asian food fusion with Emily Loo!

Discover a new take on a couple of classic German Festival foods when Masterchef’s ‘Spice Queen’ Emily Loo gets together with the German Sausage Hut’s Richy Windt and everyone’s favourite Austrian – K&K’s Wolfgang Kaspar – on the two Sundays of Oktoberfest Brisbane.

That iconic German staple, the sausage, is the first dish to receive the ‘West-meets-East’ treatment  when OktoberfEAST makes its debut on Sunday 12th.

MLS_5552-edit1_CROPRichy will explain traditional German techniques for some of the many different Würstchen and the best matching side-dishes. Then Emily takes to the stove, using German sausage to create an Asian-inspired dish of her very own!

“I’m really excited about this unusual new angle at the festival,” Richy says, “and I can’t wait to see what Emily does, based on this essential German favourite.”

D7C1_2636-edit1_CROPThe following Sunday, 19th, it’s the turn of K&K’s signature Schnitzel Burger when Wolfgang demonstrates how to create a sublime schnitzel – and lets the audience in on the secrets of his home-made pesto mayo.  If you thought things couldn’t get any tastier, just wait till you see how Emily tackles her Asian-fusion Schnitzel Burger!

Wolfgang Kaspar is also keenly anticipating the result: “Schnitzels – of any kind – are just such classics of German and Austrian cuisine, so I am also looking forward to the new approach Emily will bring.”

At each OktoberfEAST session, the culinary kings and queen will compare notes and taste each other’s creations.  Following each demonstration, Emily will speak about her food philosophy and the individual style for which she has become so well-known.

Emily_2_thumbsup_Web“Since my youngest years in Malaysia, tasty food – using local ingredients and spices – has been my special love and hobby. What many people don’t know is that I really love German food – the rich flavour and ingredient combinations work so well together!”  Emily says, “Food is made for sharing and talking – there’s nothing I love more than to cook for my family and friends, sharing delicious different foods all around one big table!   I can’t wait to enjoy sharing some wonderful German food with my family and friends around one big table at Oktoberfest Brisbane .. it makes my tummy happy, and me happy.”

As a special treat for OktoberfEAST visitors, you will have an opportunity to meet Emily after each session (perhaps a photo or two as well?) and take home some very special autographed recipes and memories!

OktoberfEAST will be held from 1:30pm to 2:00pm in the German Connections tent on each Sunday of the festival.

Emily’s appearances at Oktoberfest Brisbane are by courtesy of GOMA – Queensland Art Gallery’s Gallery of Modern Art at South Bank. Read more about Emily on her website here.