Pork knuckle

Oktoberfest Brisbane – a Foodie’s Paradise!

Never been to Oktoberfest Brisbane before? Love your food and don’t know what to expect from ours? Well let us tell you! You’ll be able to smell and taste the absolute finest in German gourmet foods and handcrafted beers and wines.

SausagesOktoberfest Brisbane is a Foodie’s paradise. Choose from an array of delicious dishes, such as the baked potato dishes, German cucumber salads, spinach dip, strawberries dipped in Belgian chocolate and freshly-baked pretzels, as well as other deliciously authentic German specialities.

Sink your teeth into a mouth-watering debreciner, Weisswurst, Bratwurst, cheese kransky or frankfurter, all served with Sauerkraut in a roll and brought to you by the German Sausage Hut. Or head on over to Haxen Haus to share a chicken platter for two with a friend or perhaps try the whole spit-roast chicken with coleslaw and hot chips. You may also like to savour one of the famous pork knuckles served with mashed potato and Sauerkraut. If that doesn’t get your mouth watering then we don’t know what will!

Going to Oktoberfest Brisbane for the afternoon? Get yourself a steaming hot cup of coffee and enjoy the divine German cakes and slices from the King of Cakes… Black Forest, Bee Sting, Sacher Torte, cheesecakes and apple strudels…. there are almost too many to choose from! Later indulge in the delectable desserts from the Organic Cotton Candy Company, but don’t leave without sampling the cotton candy!

Gingerbread K&K Schnitzel/Burger-Haus

Enjoying the Oktoberfest Brisbane food Oktoberfest Brisbane FoodK&K Schnitzel & Burger HausThe German Sausage Hut 




Our Oktoberfest Brisbane ‘food family’ not only loves to cook, barbeque and bake traditional German dishes for you – they also all boast German ancestry or German cultural connections. You can’t get more authentic than that! And they certainly all know their traditional German dishes.

Need a vegetarian or gluten free option? Don’t worry you won’t be left out! For the vegetarians amongst us, enjoy a scrumptious vegetarian burger filled with a vegetable pattie, lettuce, tomato, red onion & pesto mayo or try a selection of dips (Obatzda Bavarian Camembert spread with chives & Soletti – a traditional Bavarian dip and rarely found in Brisbane, or the ricotta dip with fresh herbs & Soletti – both also gluten free). There are also a selection of salads, the Australian baked potato (which is also gluten free) with butter, sour cream, cheese and coleslaw and the classic South German vegetarian dish Spätzle with garlic mushroom sauce. Allergic to gluten? The German Potato Hut Menu has you covered! All their baked potato combinations, potato soup and potato tornado are gluten free!

Need more convincing? Click here to see all the mouth-watering dishes from last year’s festival.

And remember, there’s no processed pizzas, nachos or dagwood dogs at Oktoberfest Brisbane, only the very best gourmet German delights!