The quest for the Festival’s favourite “Fräulein”

Ladies, put those finishing touches to your Dirndln and brush up on your Oktoberfest knowledge – competition is hotting-up for the coveted title of Miss Oktoberfest Brisbane 2014!

D2C1_9277-edit1Prestige, glamour and prizes await the winner chosen from the bevies of beautiful Bavarian Mädchen who gather in the German Connections tent on 11 Oktober – the first Saturday of the festival.

Presentations will focus on four key qualities – style, agility, learning ability and knowledge – and the ladies will face a range of unique tests, designed to display their abilities to the fullest.

(You may find a clue or two in these pictures from last year’s event!)

Dress your ‘inner German’ in style with a traditional dress or an authentic Dirndl – check with Schnucki if you haven’t already ordered yours (and hope they haven’t sold out!) or show off your very own hand-made outfit.

Better not skip those gym workouts or Pilates classes either – you’ll need to demonstrate traditional Oktoberfest skills in handling and delivering multiple containers full of very precious liquids without spilling a drop.

Speed and dexterity will be key!

D2C2_4573-edit1Contestants will be put through their paces mastering a spread of new skills real quick!  You’ll have the audience cheering you on as you discover abilities you may otherwise have not realised you possessed!

And, yes, there will be a test at the end (groan).  Good news is that most of the subject matter can be found on the Oktoberfest Brisbane website (yay!) … but can you really take the chance that your competitors haven’t swatted-up with some additional Oktoberfest research?  (Hmm …)

All partcipants will receive a ‘thank-you’ gift, and the finalists will each receive a basket of very German gourmet goodies.  The winner will wear the glamorous sash and be awarded the title of Miss Oktoberfest Brisbane 2014.

On Saturday 11 Oktober, registrations begin at 12 noon in the German Connections tent, and the event kicks off at 1pm.  You can find more (and the ‘official rules’ info) here.