Friendly Staff at Oktoberfest Brisbane

Very Special Brewing Exclusive to Oktoberfest Brisbane.

Beer at Oktoberfest BrisbaneWhen you think of an Oktoberfest celebration, many people think of beer and pretzels. Our German Festival however, is a cultural festival delighting your senses and providing a wide selection of authentic German food and drinks. We do however serve a few glasses of our own very special ‘amber brew’!

At Oktoberfest Brisbane we’ve travelled far and wide to source our three flagship beers for the Festival. These beers are all brewed according to the German Purity Law, packed with flavour and made with the finest ingredients. And what’s even better is that our beers are EXCLUSIVE to Oktoberfest Brisbane  – you won’t find them anywhere else in the world….  now that’s true micro-brewing exclusivity in anyone’s book!

Founded in 1672, the Tucher Brewery, or Tucher Bräu, is one of the oldest breweries in Bavaria and the Oktoberfest Brisbane’s Lagerbier and Weissbier (Wheat Beer) is produced each year especially for us by this historic, premium brewery.

The international award-winning Burleigh Brewing Co. handcrafts our German-style dark beer (Dunkelbier), which is also brewed according to the German Purity Law, and again only made for our Festival.

One of  the festival directors, Boris Zoulek, describes why they chose the three beers on offer at Oktoberfest Brisbane, “they are made according to the German Purity Law with no exceptions and all the beers are given the maximum time to naturally ferment. Not a single additive (chemical or otherwise) is used in the brewing of the three beers, as these sort of additives are used to accelerate the brewing process in lower quality brews.”

Importantly, Oktoberfest Brisbane also features the non-alcoholic Wheat Beer, made by Tucher Brewery. It has the same delicious richness in flavour and is the perfect brew for beer-lovers who prefer non-alcoholic and for designated drivers.

Watch out for our next blog on the classic German wines going to be available at the festival this year.

To add to the festival’s authenticity, we designed our beer steins to be exact scaled replicas of original Bavarian beer steins found at Germany’s Oktoberfest. Ours are made from durable plastic (not glass) and are 500ml in size to adhere to stringent QLD Liquor Licensing regulations. Like our beers, you won’t find them anywhere else and to help the steins ‘adapt’ to Aussie weather we also designed special coolers for them, with a new design each year!  

Oktoberfest Brisbane encourages responsible and sensible drinking behaviour at all times.

 Beer from Tucher Brewery