Stock up on stylish German fashions from Schnucki

Katja-81-RAW-edit1If you’re planning on dressing in the Oktoberfest Brisbane spirit – and, let’s face it, that’s a fun festival spirit to be in! – it’s time to think about your Dirndl or Lederhosen.

Schnucki Dirndl and Lederhosen is your fashion destination for everything Trachten (that’s German traditional costumes) with stunning new arrivals just in. The only authentic Dirndl and Lederhosen shop in Australia, Schnucki was new to Oktoberfest Brisbane in 2013, and almost instantly sold out. These authentic creations are sure to be in hot demand again this year, so best you don’t leave it to the last moment!

In Germany there’s been resurgence in Lederhosen for men and Dirndls for the ladies – and not only at festival time. With exquisite designer Dirndls available, German girls have taken to wearing their one-of-a-kind outfits for many occasions, including parties, weddings or just a night out with friends.

Katja-73-RAW-edit1The Dirndl has come a long way from its origin in Bavaria in the 16th Century, when only peasant women wore them. They are now beautiful, well-made, flattering additions to your wardrobe and you can complement your Dirndl with exquisite German blouses (they also look fantastic with jeans), must-have t-shirts and unique jewellery to accessorise every outfit.

Schnucki also has a great range of men’s traditional German shirts as well as Lederhosen to suit every bloke … even a cheeky shorter version (Plattler) for all those fellas who want to show a bit of leg!

For our very important smaller visitors, there are dainty Dirndls and Lederhosen for children, so they can enjoy the full Festival spirit too.


For those who truly want to stand out from the crowd this year, why not top things off with an original, hand-made Schnucki German hat? You’ll be the envy of all your friends – and much easier to find in the crowds! More than half of Oktoberfest Brisbane visitors dressed German to party last year, and we’re looking to see even more colourful costumes in 2014.

Get kitted-out with Schnucki for a complete German experience and you too can become a Prinz oder Prinzessin for a day! Check out the online store for lots of pix and info here.