Haxen Haus

What’s For Dinner? Haxen Haus… Of Course!

Pork knuckles at Oktoberfest BrisbaneTraditional German recipes are full of flavour and nostalgia and Haxen Haus, found only at Oktoberfest Brisbane, has perfected this art. Haxen Haus has been serving hungry Germans (and Brisbanites) their annual fix of roast pork knuckles, roast pork loin and chicken dishes using the traditional German method, since 2012, Yum!  Team these scrumptious meats with mashed potato, Sauerkraut, coleslaw or hot chips and your choice of mustard, aioli, gravy or tomato sauce… and you’re definitely onto a winner! Don’t forget to taste the Leberkäse – an all time German favourite and a great hit with Aussies too!

Pork not your thing? Then try the chicken platter for two! But be warned, it’s so delicious you may not want to share! German spit-roasted chickens are an example of German technology, engineering and logic – forget the automobile, forget Beethoven, Mercedes, Audi and Porsche etc. THIS is a classic example of German engineering at its best.

Although looking like a plain roaster, you will find these rotisseries at markets and foodstalls all over Germany. They produce the most beautiful crisp and tasty skinned chicken.

Chicken at Haxen HausSpit-roasted chickenOktoberfest Brisbane Pork Knuckle







The heating elements are at the back and in the bars that hold the chicken. These rotate and produce an all-rounded roasting. But that’s not the secret … it’s in the moving of the bars. They are exchanged after a while – top goes to next, goes to next, and bottom one goes to the top. This means that the juices and fats from the top level of chickens drips down onto the next level and ‘bastes’ each chicken gradually, all the time.

And the flavour? Finger-licking wunderbar … try it and see!!

Haxen Haus use a specially imported German roaster for their chickens. These may look plain but they pack a tastebud punch!

Michael describes the German Festival as “a great cultural event where you can experience different food, beer, music and entertainment with your friends and colleagues” and we couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

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