Oktoberfest Brisbane VIP - dodgem

What’s your favourite ride?

What will you ride at Oktoberfest Brisbane?

This year, Oktoberfest Brisbane brings you some fantastic new rides as well as some classic favourites. Whether you’re young, old or in-between, there is something for everyone to enjoy!

Our rides will be running throughout the festival and this year, rides are FREE on both Fridays – all day long!

PLUS, grab a Family Fun Sunday pass and you will get 5 FREE ride vouchers!


Fancy a 360 Dance Party?


The 360 Dance Party is the newest thrill-ride to hit Australia, swinging 180 and then a full 360, while the outward facing thrill-seekers spin a slow 360. Sound crazy? Well it is! Though you might want to ride this one before indulging in too many Bratwurst…


The Avalanche


An avalanche, by nature, is unpredictable… and this ride is no exception! Which way will it spin…Who knows? Jump on and enjoy the ride! Perfect fun for everyone.


Dodgem Cars

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What kind of driver are you? The best? The worst? With the dodgem cars it doesn’t matter! The ultimate in classic festival rides, dodgem cars are perfect for all ages. Blast, bump, turn and chase – try NOT to smile when you’re driving a dodgem car!


Jumping Castle


Go on – release your inner child. There’s something about a jumping castle that speaks to the young and the young-at-heart. We recommend eating your pretzel AFTER you jump.


Giant Slide


Climb to the top and slide all the way down. Put your hands in the air and feel the wind in your hair – just don’t forget to stop when you get to the bottom! Perfect fun for everyone.