Youngcare Australia

Celebrating 8 years together!

Youngcare Australia has been Oktoberfest Brisbane’s Charity Partner since the beginning. Back in 2008, a great partnership was born and this year we celebrate eight fantastic years together!

Now traditionally for an eight year anniversary, gifts of bronze or pottery would be given… but Oktoberfest Brisbane are bucking this trend. Instead, we will keep with what we know is loved and appreciated by Youngcare – and that is fundraising! Since 2008, Oktoberfest Brisbane has helped raise over $155,632 for this fantastic charity and we don’t plan on stopping!

To help raise funds for this fantastic charity, Oktoberfest Brisbane are auctioning off the Pork Knuckle of Destiny and bringing the Brisbane Roar to participate in our Go For Goal. There will be plenty of ways to help donate to this charity while you are at Oktoberfest Brisbane this year, so look out for the Youngcare signs and give generously!

Youngcare Australia is a charity dedicated to helping young Aussies with high care needs to live life with choice, independence and dignity with the philosophy that all young people deserve to live young lives.


Working to provide choice in care and housing options for young people with high care needs, Youngcare is dedicated to keeping young Australians out of aged-care facilities. Why are young people with high care needs in aged-care facilities? There is simply very limited alternatives. Many have long lives to live, yet the realities of aged care mean they will share a residence where the average age is 83 and the average length of stay less than three years.  Being young is about having a lifetime ahead of you, yet aged care is designed for someone who is at the end of their life. In most cases, the specific care needs of a young person will not be met in aged care as they differ greatly to those of the elderly residents.


Youngcare Australia works to deliver greater choice through four main programs:

• Youngcare housing  • Youngcare Connect

• Youngcare At Home Care Grants • Youngcare Research

With the combined support of the community, government and business, young people with high care needs will have choice in where they live, and how they receive care.

Happy 8th Partnership Anniversary Youngcare Australia!

Alles Liebe, Oktoberfest Brisbane.