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Why are we asking for a public holiday?

We’re home alone, working hard. But there’s no more ‘play hard’. That’s not a very, so we’re starting a petition to get Queenslanders a day off work on the 9th October, 2020. [Pending Government and Health Authority advise] we want to bring everyone together for a party. To restore our confidence and trust in joining a crowd and being close again. We’re going to need it.

Employed, unemployed, it’s irrelevant – everybody’s enduring, and nobody’s enjoying. We’re doing what we’re told, staying inside, zero contact. And when it’s time to get back to work, we’ll roll up our sleeves and get the wheels of this great nation rolling again. This world crisis – this once in a lifetime event – won’t be forgotten the moment it all goes back to normal. There’s a spirit in all of us, yearning for the positive energy and uplift that comes from joining a big crowd for song and dance. We need to discover that again.

How you can make it happen?

Help us reach 30,000 signatures on and we’ll get a local MP to take this and officially present this to the Queensland Government for consideration. We’re committed to this, we want it bad. And we all deserve it. Are you with us? Let’s make this Friday in October, great.

If we get the votes in Parliament…

OK, so we need a couple of things to go right… We beat COVID19, we get back to work and the economy starts healing. Finally, the government says we can come out of our homes and meet together for a beer, again. We want to make it count. We want it to be a massive event with song and dance. If we can all get the 9th October as an official day off – you can thank yourselves for signing our petition. We’d be honoured to see you at Oktoberfest Brisbane to share a bier.

Oktoberfest Brisbane Team

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