Farewell Brisbane

What a year. Travelling around the world has been amazing and opened our eyes to so many wonderful cultures.

Buckingham Palace, London

Buckingham Palace, London.

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco.

IFC Mall, Hong Kong Island

IFC Mall, Hong Kong Island.

But our favourite part of the trip was coming to Brisbane. We’ve met some great characters along the way and experienced the best the city has to offer.

Story Bridge from Eagle Street Pier

Story Bridge from Eagle Street Pier.

Our trip to the City Botanic Gardens.

A stroll through the City Botanic Gardens.

View of South Bank from Victoria Bridge

Walking along Victoria Bridge to South Bank.

Unfortunately, it is time for us to return home. Herr Bear’s father’s bakery gets really busy leading up to Christmas and they need all paws on deck. As his father always says, “The Black Forest cake isn’t going to bake itself! … and neither is the Christstollen!!”

I do miss home, but we’ve grown so fond of Brisbane.

We’ll never forget your beach in the city. If only we had something like it in Munich.

Streets Beach, South Bank

Streets Beach, South Bank.

Reimer and Louise Moeller made us feel at home in Brisbane and have become our second family here.

Reimer and Louise Moeller - our second family here in Brisbane.

Reimer and Louise Moeller – our second family here in Brisbane.

It was also great to see so many young students getting into the German culture at Oktoberfest for Teens.

Front row seats

Front row seats.

Young fans.

Photos with a young fan.

Thank you to our friends from around the world, who came and visited us at Oktoberfest Brisbane.

Franz, our friend from Brazil.

Franz, our friend from Brazil.

Sharing a pork knuckle with our friend Po the Panda.

Sharing a pork knuckle with our friend Po the Panda.

I'm watching you Bruce.

Germans VS Aussies! Staring contest between Herr Bear and Bruce the Koala.

And a big thank you to you! We’ve come to love the land down under and you Aussies have been a great host.

I wish we could stay for Christmas, but us Travelling Teddies will definitely be back soon.

Thank you Brisbane!

Thank you Brisbane!

I hope we’ve helped you embrace your inner German. Auf Wiedersehen Brisbane 🙂

Oktoberfest down under

Everyone on the dance floor

Oktoberfest Brisbane put on an amazing event!

The entire place was oozing with Germany, so Herr Bear and I felt right at home.

Brisbane Student Ambassadors

We made so many new friends, and boy were there some characters out there.

Interesting looking girls

Everyone was amazed at how we travelled around the world and came all the way from Munich to be here.

We love sharing our German culture with you and we found the best way to do that – is by eating it!

Eating giant pretzels

Herr Bear and I had our fair share of sausages, schnitzels, pretzels, gingerbread, schnapps, and bier.

Weisswurst bavarian white sausage with pretzel and sweet mustard

We’ve definitely put on a few, but that’s okay, we’re still on holiday!

This week, I have heaps of photos for you because so much happened last weekend…

I can’t believe Oktoberfest Brisbane has only two days left.

The Moeller and Zoulek families have done such an amazing job, we have our friends flying in from around the world to experience the event for themselves.

If you haven’t come down already, or you’re joining us again, Herr Bear, our international friends and I will be there tonight and we’d love to see you.

Time to embrace your inner German at Oktoberfest Brisbane. Auf Wiedersehen ♥