California.. here we come!


Fräulein Bear was really excited to go celebrity hunting. But after hours with no luck, we hit the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Keen to take photos with her favourite actors’ stars, she was a bit disappointed when she couldn’t find them..

“How can they call it ‘Walk of Fame’ when Til Schweiger and Moritz Bleibtreu aren’t even here? I found Arnold Schwarzenegger, but he’s Austrian!” She said.

Hollywood Walk of Fame

After exploring Hollywood Boulevard, we went to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA). I’m not really an art person, but the antique street lamps (Urban Light) were pretty impressive lit up at night. It was nice walking around there, holding paws with Fräulein Bear.

“This is kind of romantic,” She said, resting her head on my shoulder.

I didn’t tell her, but I thought it was romantic too..

San Francisco

I loved San Fran’s cable cars. Still hand operated, they’re pretty old school, but it was like travelling back in time. Really different to riding on the ICE rapid rail back home, zipping along at 300km/h. We sat on the outside of the cable car, which was scary at first – we’re not that big and I thought we were going to fall off. Fräulein Bear dug her paws into me the entire time!

“Next time Herr Bear, we are walking!” She said.

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

Next stop was the Golden Gate Bridge. Fräulein Bear told me we could climb it after seeing it done on an episode of The Bachelor. But one of the workers informed us she had watched the same episode too, but that they had climbed the Bay Bridge. How she got a red bridge and a grey bridge mixed up, I don’t know – trust her to get confused.

Thankfully, our relatives in Brisbane have offered to take us on the Story Bridge next week when we arrive. Less than one week away, we can’t wait to go to Australia!

Watch out for us Brisbane, Travelling Teddies are coming to you.. Auf Wiedersehen ♥