Meet the band


This year we are excited to welcome back the German melodies of Münchner Buam. Collectively, the band has over 149 years of Oktoberfest and German Folk Festival experience and they’ll be bringing their keyboard, guitar, drums, and of course the Flügelhorn back with them to entertain festival goers each day. Some of their players have just finished playing in the Munich Oktoberfest tents. It was a good warm up for Oktoberfest Brisbane.

Münchner Buam will be playing the hits from the Munich Oktoberfest, songs that go around the world with them and most everyone can sing along to. They’ve said that playing the hits that include some sort of movement (such as ‘the Fliegerlied’ and ‘Rock mi’) allow the festival-goers to have “immense fun joining in with these songs”.


Münchner Buam has played in Munich, Stuttgart, Hamburg – at the largest three folk festivals in Germany. Warsaw (Poland), Bordeaux (France), Milan (Italy), Saragossa (Spain), Irkutsk (Siberia, Russia), Minsk (Belarus), Helsinki (Finland), Angola, Taiwan, Thailand, and Lauderdale (USA) and we’re excited to bring them back to Brisbane for this year’s Oktoberfest! So get your dancing shoes ready and hit the floor with your best moves.



Tying the knot, German style!

The ideal pretzel, as served in Germany, has a dark brown, crispy, salty crust, and inside a soft dough. It has a plump “body”, and thin, crispy (not dry) crossed “arms.”

Are you getting hungry yet?

At Oktoberfest Brisbane, it’s hard to walk past the King of Cakes stall and not grab a pretzel. 13,500 of these delicious knots of dough were consumed last year. Have you ever wondered how they are made though? Wolfgang Kelke let us behind the scenes at the King of Cakes head office to show us what goes in to making one of the trademark foods of Australia’s largest German Festival.

How are pretzels made?

  1. Firstly, the ingredients for the dough are weighed out and put into the mixer.
  2. Then, a large sphere of dough is flattened in a dough press, and cut into identical squares.
  3. After this, the squares are dropped into a machine that processes them into rolls of dough, to make it easier for further rolling out. To activate the yeast in the dough, the first rolled dough is refrigerated.
  4. After about 10 minutes of resting the dough, the rolls are brought out of the fridge and rolled out. First into the dough rolling machine, and then by hand into long lengths, after which they are twisted into pretzel shapes.
  5. These are then placed out onto baking trays, and baked in large batches.

The pretzels are tested for “doneness” before they get to the festival, and are sprinkled with salt before their tasty goodness reaches your hands!


Apart from pretzels, King of Cakes also has a delicious range of cakes and gorgeous gingerbread hearts this year, which Wolfgang gladly modelled for us!

2015-09-08 11.07.23

Oktoberfest Brisbane has something for everyone …

Test your yodelling skills, kick a goal, clap to the thrills and spills (literally!) of Bavarian Strongmen & Miss Oktoberfest Brisbane competitions, laugh at the puppet show (Kasperltheater), swoon over the latest Dirndl/Lederhosen fashions, try your hands at leg-slapping, catch the culinary tips hot off the food show… or just sing, dance and schunkel along to the ‘Münchner Buam’ Oktoberfest band direct from Munich. Sounds interesting? In four months this could be YOU – the countdown has begun!


Dodgems or giant slide, Rock n’ Roll or Octopus? Bavarian VIP Table guests don’t have to decide – in fact they can ride whatever, whenever and as often as they want. FREE rides, all day long, are included in the special Bavarian VIP package. So, work off those calories on the dodgems, or get that adrenalin pumping as you spin upside down and round and round. And, if you want to test your best dance moves, here’s our tip: If you ask nicely, you may even get to dance a Chicken Dance or Fliegerlied with our friendly Bavarian Corner,’Bayrisches Eck’ team!


There’s never a dull moment at this iconic German Festival, with activities and entertainment on offer throughout the day for everyone, from the youngest to the ‘young at heart’ – come and be a part of it!

Find out more about Oktoberfest Brisbane here.

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Bis bald!