A Taste of Bavaria

An invitation came in the mail for us to attend Anzapfen, Oktoberfest Brisbane’s Official Opening Ceremony. We’re so excited to be here in Brisbane for Oktoberfest. Last year we were in Munich and Lord Mayor Christian Ude tapped the first keg.

Invitation to Anzapfen

“Do you think Brisbane’s Lord Mayor will tap the keg and serve the first beer to their head of State Government?” Fräulein Bear asked.

That is the way to traditionally open the festival, and Fräulein Bear feels very strongly about upholding traditions. She’ll be impressed if they do it right.

Moving onto more important matters, I was in desperate need for some food from home…


Thank God for King of Cakes. I couldn’t wait till Friday, I was craving pretzels.

Pretzel craving

Lucky the Farmer’s Market was on. I just wish my pretzel came with a side of bier…

Trying to get a bite of Fräulein Bear's strauben (deep fried choux pastry with fondant topping)

I tried to have a bite of Fräulien Bear’s strauben (deep fried choux pastry with fondant topping), but she was reluctant to share. She can be funny about sweets sometimes.

Brisbane City Hall in King George Square

Later, we wondered down Adelaide Street and came across King George Square. So much beautiful open space, but it just needed some grass to sit on.

Enjoying some tea in King George Square

Fräulein Bear had some tea to wash down the strauben. I can’t believe she still had room for a scone, but I kept that thought to myself.

Museum of Brisbane

Afterwards, we went to the Museum of Brisbane to take a ride up in the Clock Tower.

Our tour guide, Helen, was lovely

Helen was our tour guide, she knew everything about the Clock Tower. Apparently, there was a time when women weren’t allowed in the elevator.

In the Clock Tower elevator

“Looks like females run the show now, right Helen?” said Fräulein Bear. Helen smiled and nodded.

View of Brisbane from Clock Tower

It had a great view of Brisbane. I wonder if anyone’s been proposed to up here?

Taking a sight-seeing  break

As much as I enjoy exploring the city, I also like sitting down for a drink with my Fräulein.

Last stop for the day, Brisbane International Airport … at 2am in the morning.

Arrivals, Brisbane International Airport

No, we’re not going home yet. We’re just here to meet and greet our good friends from Munich, the Münchner Buam Band, who will be playing at Oktoberfest Brisbane.

Picking up the Münchner Buam Band

I was surprised they had more luggage than we did. I know there are 6 of them, but usually it’s hard to beat when travelling with Fräulein Bear. I mean, how many of the same Dirndl do you need?

Ready for bed

But even though she always takes up 90 per cent of our luggage space, I still love her.

Looking forward to Friday and being surrounded by the sights, smells and sounds of Bavaria again… Guten Nacht und bis bald ♥