Soaking up the city sights

South Bank 

I don’t know who’s idea it was to put a beach in the middle of the city, but whoever that was, was a genius! 

South Bank - Streets Beach

There were so many people at Streets Beach that day, we were lucky to find a patch of sand to have our picnic by the water.

So many kids were screaming and running around, poor Fräulein Bear’s Dirndl got splashed on so many times.

“I knew I should have worn my bathing suit…” She said.

Should have – I thought. But then again, after the way we’ve been eating on our trip around the world, there’s no way this bear was taking his Lederhosen off.

After getting our paws wet, we head out to see what else we could find along the Brisbane River…

Clem Jones Promenade

Clem Jones Promenade - stealing a kiss

Clem Jones Promenade, South Bank – You might see us here for Riverfire this Saturday (28 September)

City Botanic Gardens

City Botanic Gardens

City Botanic Gardens

Goodwill Bridge

Goodwill Bridge

Goodwill Bridge

Brisbane Festival - Pink bunny

Pink bunny, South Bank –  they’re everywhere!

Brisbane Festival Graffiti

Brisbane Festival Graffiti, South Bank

South Bank - Wheel of Brisbane

Wheel of Brisbane, South Bank

View of South Bank - Victoria Bridge

Such a beautiful view of South Bank at night time.

Brisbane has definitely exceeded our expectations! I wonder what other adventures we will get into…  Guten Nacht und bis bald ♥