Getting ready for Oktoberfest Brisbane!

Queen Street Mall

Our family was at Queen Street Mall today helping Oktoberfest Brisbane share with the locals a taste of the festivities to come. Herr Bear was planning to climb the Story Bridge, but I couldn’t pass up free Lebkuchen (gingerbread). The climb would have to wait.

Oktoberfest Brisbane Gingerbread heart

Today really reminded me of home.

Oktoberfest Brisbane Gingerbread heart

I hadn’t had gingerbread in a while and our heart was so delicious, I almost ate the whole thing! Herr Bear was not impressed.

Listening to Vic the Roaming Accordionist

It was so nice listening to Vic (the Roaming Accordionist). When I closed my eyes, it felt like I was back home.

Milking the cow

We didn’t milk the cow, but it was fun watching the locals giving it a go.

Nova Sandman making us kiss

That Nova Boy was a cheeky fellow. He caught us off guard and made us kiss in front of everyone. I was blushing the whole time after that. But of course, Herr Bear didn’t seem to mind.

Afterwards, we were so exhausted, we went back home to the Watermark Hotel to get some rest before going to the Story Bridge.

Eagle Street

We woke up hours later and I wasn’t sure whether we would still be able to see the Story Bridge. Thankfully our lovely hotel receptionist told us how it lights up at night and encouraged us to go.

Story Bridge

But no one told us about the purple lights! It was more beautiful than I imagined.

City Cat Terminal, Eagle Street Pier

We walked to Riverside, but seeing as though we just missed the City Cat, we thought to check out a local bar. Herr Bear was keen to try some  Aussie beer.

Experiencing local drinks

We ended up at a place called Riverbar and Kitchen where Herr Bear had his first Fat Yak, and I tried the bartender’s favourite cocktail, an Elderflower and Passion fruit Caipiroska.

Riverbar and Kitchen, Eagle Street Pier

The night was perfect, with yummy drinks, candle lit tables, right by the river, and the Story Bridge in the background.

Story Bridge from Eagle Street Pier

Sometimes Herr Bear gives me this look, and I know he’s thinking about the future. He likes the laid-back lifestyle here and I find more things to love about Brisbane everyday. I think we could get used to this… Guten Nacht und bis bald ♥